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Originally Posted by thehef View Post
"Josh Jackson won't work out for Celtics without a promise to draft him"

It's a free country so anyone is free to try and grab whatever leverage they can... However, this is nonsensical. The idea of a work out is for a team to be able to evaluate a player. If the Celtics were able to give that promise, then why would they need to work him out? It would only be to validate their (irresponsibly given) commitment...

So what if a team promises a knucklehead they'd draft him with their pick, then they work him out and determined that they are not all that impressed, that they rate him, say, no better than the 10th overall prospect? Then what? Renege on the promise, or make a stupid business decision so as to not go back on their word?

Maybe next time I am looking for a job, when I get calls for a job interview, I will tell them, "I will only come in for a job interview if you agree to hire me."
I read it as a move that he does not want to go to Boston.
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