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6 October 2046

Trevor T. Trevorson Jr

Another surprise in a season full of surprises #Magpies. Bring on the Rockets! #WLCS
11:01PM - 6 Oct 2046

Severino Guadalajara-Smith

We were 6-6 head to head with the #Rockets this year. Their lineup was much more potent (.761 team OPS vs .693) but our run prevention was better (3.12 team ERA vs 3.35).
11:11PM - 6 Oct 2046

Warren Bunney

I thought we were dead and buried after game 2, but what a comeback!
11:13PM - 6 Oct 2046

Dietmar Uberfan

Was supposed to be going on honeymoon next week but gonna reschedule so I donít miss the #WLCS. Come on Magpies! #inthedoghouse #sleepingonthecouch #wontgetanyforawhile
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