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Just submitted a ticket but wanted to post this here..

I'm trying to run an online league with no success. Here are the exact steps I'm taking..

1. I'm doing what I need to in-game and saving/exiting.
2. I'm zipping up the entire league folder into a compressed folder.
3. Uploading the .zip file to the server for others to download.
--- They download, make changes, export---
4. I'm loading up the league and going straight into the Manage Online League menu.
5. Downloading teamfiles. Compete.
6. Importing files. ERROR! It tells me that the game imported 0 files and all of which were invalid.
7. So I said 'maybe I made a change somewhere?'. Downloaded the exact .zip file everyone else was and unzipping it into my saved_games folder.
8. Repeated steps 4-6 with the exact same results.

Note: Everyone is on version 2.8.63 so its not an issue there.

The files are getting to the server and they're downloading just fine to my personal computer. They're just not importing!

PLEASE HELP!? I'm trying really hard to like this game but it continues to fail me!
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