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1992 NHL Playoffs

Adams Division

The same playoff matchups happen every year in the Adams. This is the 5th straight year with a first round of Quebec/Montreal and Boston/Hartford! Rivalries!! Quebec does a number on the Habs. In the final 3 games, they allow just one Montreal goal. Canít win without scoring. Quebec takes it in 5. The Whalers didnít get their first goal of the series until game three. Once they found the net though, they didnít lose. Hartford wins in six. In the 2nd round, Wayne Gretzky had a goal and 5 assists in Hartfordís game three win over Quebec in round 2. Thatís the only game Hartford scored more then twice, and their only win. Quebec wins the series in five!

Patrick Division

The Flyers sweep the Rangers for the 2nd straight year. In the last 2 years, over 8 playoff games, NY has managed to score just 10 goals against the Flyers. After losing the opening two game by a combined score of 19-4, everyone, including me, are very surprised to see the Penguins push the Devils to 7 games. In game 7, Pittsburgh, down by three, scored twice late in the third period to make things close, but just couldnít pull off the upset. Devils win in seven! After four games of the division final, I though the Devils, who held a 3-1 lead, had this thing. They looked great in their 2 home wins, and need just one more W to get by the Flyers. Philly then won two straight elimination games to force a game seven. In game seven, the Devils fell behind and couldnít catch up. NJ blows it. Philadelphia advances!

Norris Division

The Blues score 12 goals in their game 5 win over Chicago. That was one of their 4 wins in winning the series in six games. Mario Lemieux and his new linemate, Konstantin Shafranov combined for 16 points. The Red Wings are a different team with Lemieux in the lineup. They eliminate the two time defending Campbell Conference Champs, Minnesota, in 5 games. Detroit has a much tougher time in round 2. After winning the opener in St. Louis, the Blues take over, and win 4 in a row, including an 8-0 game five win. The Blues advance.

Smythe Division

Calgary returns to the playoffs after a one year absence, and give the first place Canucks all they could handle. Calgary jumps out to a 3-1 lead, only to blow it. Canucks win it in seven. The Jets, a team without much playoff success over the years, gets by the Kings in five games. Another 3-1 lead is squandered in the division final. The Jets lose the final three games, including a game 7 that went to double overtime. After 25 extra minutes, Mike Gartner scored the biggest goal of his career!

Wales Conference Finals

Looking for their third straight conference finals win over Quebec, the Flyers start out by scoring twice in 30 seconds. Before the period ends, Yuri Khmylev and Paul Coffey tie it. Thatís some nice fightback for a team that is already facing a literal and mental giant. Mark Tinordi gives Quebec the lead after two, and Mark Lamb scores late in the third, salting away the game. 4-2 Quebec wins. Game two sees the Nordiques spend 27 minutes in the sin bin, while Philly spends 4. Huge advantage for the Flyers, and they take advantage. Joe Sacco scores on the PP in the 2nd, and James Patrick adds insurance in the 3rd. 2-0 Flyers win.

Curtis Joseph earns the game two shutout!

The Flyers didnít allow a goal, but they sure had a tough time in a game they were on a man advantage so much. This Nordiques team might be able to climb the mountain. Game three is another low scoring affair. Steve Yzerman get his first of the series, but Stu Barnes responds right away, and Steven Rice gets the winner early in the third. 2-1 Quebec wins game three. Facing a little adversity, the Flyers come out flying in game four! Luciano Borsato scores short handed 2 mins in. They build a 3-1 lead. Then, i nthe final 30 seconds of the first, Geoff Courtnall and Tony Granato both score. Backbreakers. 5-1 after a period, and a 6-4 final. Philly ties the series.

Yzerman has just one goal in the series so far.

Back in Quebec City for game 5, the two teams play another defensive gem. Neither offense can can much in the way of chances. Steven Rice gets the first goal halfway through the 2nd. No more scoring occurs until the final 30 seconds of the game. Zdeno Ciger gets one by Flyers goalie Curtis Jospeh, and Quebec wins 2-0. Defense first!!! Game six is an absolute thrashing. Cam Neely scores 76 seconds in. Brent Gilchrist scores 14 seconds later and itís 2-0 Nordiques after a period. Neely scores again in the 2nd, while teammate Doug Gilmour has 3 points in the period. Itís over. 8-0 Quebec wins, they finally beat the Flyers!

Campbell Conference Finals

If game one is any indication, the Canucks are in trouble. St. Louis leads 2-0 after the first, and score 4 times in the 2nd. The Blues 2nd line, consisting of Stan Smyl and Denis Savard combine for 8 points. 8-2 Blues win the opener. And the game crashed. So the Quebec Philly results are gone, and this series is gone. I donít know who won this series though, so Iím gonna resim to get Quebec into the finals, and St. Louis winning game one. Depending on how long that takes, there may not be a write up for this series. A game crashing without me doing a damn thing usually makes me pretty angry.

Vancouver won my resimmed game one 7 straight times, so ya, no writeup for this series, I donít have the patienceÖThe series ends up going seven. Here are the results.

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