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So many ideas have been already put out there, I will add this:

I would like to see pitchers show up in the draft in the primary roll they filled in their actual MLB career to avoid the list of quality starters who spend their career as middle relievers in this game.

Expansion would be nice but I don't think its doable. I played 1901 through 2015, doing it with only 16 teams all the way through not only does it skew the stats (16 teams=much better pitching available) some players who had decent careers never get out of the minor leagues.

An easier way to manually move players. I have done single season team replays where I try to follow the transactions. Quitting the team to manage another to force trades through is a work around but I would rather it be in the editor it would be much quicker.

Either way I will be first in line to get the game. Looking forward to the release which I assume isn't going to be the end of March like last year.
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