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Filled Colorado and Tampa, current openings listed below. We will be starting the 2023 regular season on Sunday's sim. We recently added international amateur free agency which adds a bit of flavor to the league, come check us out...we are no flash in the pan as we head in to our eleventh season.

Anaheim Ducks - Currently in the bronze league, the team overextended itself by acquiring some significant contracts and is now in somewhat of a financial hole. They do have some interesting prospects and a couple of really solid veteran pieces which will give a new GM something to work with. This is a team that is heading into its ninth season in Bronze (out of 11 seasons) and will need some solid leadership to get it out of the basement.

Dallas Stars - As a former gold championship winner, the Stars best years are currently behind them and the veteran talent has slowly left the team. They do have LF B. MacAusland who is one of the best outfielders in the game. That along with ample financial flexibility should allow the team to turnaround the poor 37-47 finish from last season.
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