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Originally Posted by The Game View Post
With the exception of the White Sox moves I had never heard of the rest. Was the Browns to LA in 1942 nixed because of the war? Thanx for the history lesson.
Found this on wiki:
By 1941, Barnes was convinced he could never make any money in St. Louis. After interests in Los Angeles approached him about buying a stake in the team, he asked AL owners for permission to move there for the 1942 season. Los Angeles was already the third-largest city in the United States, and was larger than any major-league city except New York and Chicago. They got tentative approval from the league, which went as far as to draw up a schedule accounting for transcontinental train trips, though the Browns suggested that teams could travel by plane, a new concept at the time. The deal was slated to receive final approval at a league meeting on December 8. In a case of disastrous timing, the attack on Pearl Harbor took place on December 7. After league officials expressed concerns that travel restrictions would be too stringent for a prospective Los Angeles-based team to be viable, the Browns' proposal was unanimously rejected.

I wonder what that 1942 schedule looked like. I would guess that teams would play in Chicago and then take a few days "off" while taking the train to LA, where they would then play a long road series. In 1942, AL teams were playing each other 22 times, so I would guess they would make the trip to LA twice, playing a five-game series and six-game set, although other combos adding to eleven would work, too.

Regarding baseball teams & train/plane travel, I found some interesting reading here: Baseball teams and train travel
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