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Originally Posted by IStillDream View Post
The Red Sox really need to come to terms with what a bastard Yawkey was.

The only historical season I've ever done was to play out 1947 with Robinson playing first for the Red Sox (though I couldn't help also doing some trading, mainly picking up Warren Spahn). Won the AL handily with an MVP performance from Williams and strong play by Robinson, but lost to the Cardinals in the WS.

I'm somewhere in the 1980s in my "fix every single stupid transaction the franchise ever made" sim league that I started in 1901. Figuring out how to optimally deploy Robinson, Doerr, and Pesky was interesting. Even with Robinson and Mays, the pitching on those late-40s/early-50s teams was still mostly abysmal.

Things got a little bit tedious once I started applying my "fix stupid 1st round draft picks" rule, with essentially too much talent showing up by the 1980s to be managed around, so I ran out of steam.
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