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Originally Posted by David Watts View Post
Man Corey Kluber is a machine. August !2th and he's rolling at 17-4 with am ERA just above 2. Won 17 games last year as well, even with an injury that held him out close to a month.

I'm really enjoying the 12 team, no divisions setup. I currently have a neck and neck race for the top spot between Alexandria and Birmingham. Each week it seems the lead changes hands at least once. These teams are 9 games up on the rest of the league as of August 12th

The race for the 2nd wild card is just as heated with 4 to 5 teams in contention. Jackson is currently in the lead, but Shreveport, Mobile, Lake Charles Texarkana and Corpus Christi are all chomping at the bit. The rest of August and September should be exciting.

So love watching Alexandria games. The Aaron/DiMaggio part of the batting order is so fun to follow. Currently the 3-5 spots in Alexandria's batting order are Hank Aaron, Joe DiMaggio and Graig Nettles. Paul Konerko is in there as well. In fact Konerko is the Aces Home Run and RBI leader so far for the 63 season. DiMaggio is the clear cut favorite to win the batting title with a average in the .340's. Jim Rice is also a member of the Aces, but has his best days behind him. That being said, every once in a while, Rice will show flashes of his past greatness.
The Klu-bot is outstanding isn't he? He's in my HoF (Class of 1956).

Jee-hee-hee-hee-zus!!! That is one helluva lineup for Alexandria. Mr. Nettles went in to my HoF in 1960 after chewing up and spitting out pitchers for 24 seasons. Better than real life Nettles with the bat and every bit as good in the field (8 Gold Gloves).

Konerko's going into his 10th season. He's a Gold Glove calibre first baseman, but he keeps winding up on National League teams that shift him to either LF or 3B. In Philly, Cecil Fielder pushed him to 3B and/or LF, and while with the Cardinals, Willie Aikens has shifted him to 3B. The only two seasons in which he started the majority of his team's games at 1B (my minimum standard to qualify for the GG), he won the Gold Glove. You would think they'd want to make a trade to open up a spot for him at 1B, but nothing yet.

Still waiting on DiMaggio, Aaron, and Rice in this dynasty. Vince DiMaggio has been through, but that hardly counts. Vince was a 3-time All-Star with a Gold Glove, a Silver Slugger, and a Championship. I expect his brother Joe to have that and more by the time he's 25ish.

I will never have divisions in my leagues, even though I'm using the MLB setup. I have to manually set it up on the first day of every offseason, which is a bit tedious, but well worth it in my view. Nothing worse for me than 83-win teams in the postseason (or worse: below .500 teams), unless of course that's where the 2nd place team is at. I will make it four teams per subleague into the postseason when MLB expands to 28 teams in 1993 with the additions of Florida and Colorado.

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