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1903 season

One of the most frustrating things ever is to watch my 1903 Cardinals. They were last in that year and I figured it would be a good point in history as they traded Three Fingers Brown to the Cubs that year setting in motion the rise of the Cubs and extended poor play from the Cardinals. I also created a fictional shortstop to anchor the team who would be a good hitter and fielder, think Paul Waner playing short with Rabbit Maranville's glove. Historically the team had a horrible offense so I got rid of their least effective starters and got a good pitcher in Jack Sutthoff and Wee Willie Keeler, Hall of Fame right fielder, in trades.

Now I know that fielding back then was pretty dicey, but not as much as my guys are making it. My slick fielding shortstop will make a great play every now and then, but will boot the ball more often. He has 7 errors in 10 games, or on pace to have 91 in a 100 game season. My second baseman has 9 errors in 9 games so I sat his butt even though he played in every game that season. My center fielder has 6 errors, usually dropping a ball on a hit in front of him or making an errant throw on a play he had no chance to get the runner on. Granted he's not a good fielder, but he is the guy who played every game in center for them.

My pitching should be a strength but these guys excel in giving up the big hit when needed and are walking 4.5 guys/9. They know how to give up the big hit. I had a close game where the game winning hit was by a pitcher who had a .088 average that year and the announcer said it was his first hit of the year.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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