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2010 Roster Set Underway

Download the file above.

Features list:
  • Updated ratings for the 2010 season including fielding based on UZR and other fielding metrics (love me some UZR, but it can be a bit biased), hitting numbers based on projection systems, GB% for pitchers as to what they are in real life
  • Top 30 prospects and top 100 league prospects, rated in proper BA order, with full scouting reports
  • Completely accurate pitch speed and types for pitchers who have pitched at least one inning in MLB
  • Edited personality ratings for any active player who has played a game in MLB
  • Edited injury ratings for any active player who has played a game in MLB
  • Stadiums including dimensions, capacity and park effects for any ballpark in major or minor league baseball
  • Full coaching staffs for major and minor league teams
  • Accurate uniform numbers for MLB rosters
  • Accurate rosters/players at the proper levels to start for minor league teams as of the end of 2009/start of 2010

This will be the second release:
  • Every minor leaguer fully rated for fielding, hitting, pitching (and pitch types as I have scouting reports for them, if they were in a BA top 30 group in the last 5 years, I have them) --- most of them have already been done, but for guys who played their first year and weren't in a top 30 this year, will have rough ratings until I hit this in the next few weeks after release
  • Draft pool for the 2010 class --- in my sim league, we added around 300-400 2009 draft prospects. Planning on doing the same for the file.

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