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Originally Posted by Charlie Hough View Post
I'd check the other settings I mentioned as well. And you might want to try 40/40/15/5 for the evaluation settings. Does that make any difference?
Just set up the same league again. This time Roscoe Miller is a relief pitcher. Emil Frisk and Frank Owen have moved up in the rotation. Joe Yeager is in the rotation. Cronin is once again a relief pitcher. Tried the 40/40/15/5 thing and nothing changed at all.

After trying everything I could think of, I changed things back to 30/50/15/5 and changed "base pitchers stamina on" to entire career. This gave me much better results, but Frank Owen remained in the rotation. Then I changed it to based on 3 year period and bingo, Owen was now in the pen along with Frisk and the best pitchers were in the rotation.

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