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1988-89 Season Preview

Player Spotlight

The season preview states Kelly Hrudey of the New Jersey Devils and Buffalo's Patrick Roy are the best goalies in the league. I'm not so sure about that, but now would be a perfect time to take a quick look at their skill sets to see where the game is coming from.

Hrudey is very skilled. He's 27 years old, and in his prime. He's put together several very good regular seasons, and has a few long playoff runs under his belt. The results seem to suggest he is one of the leagues top goalies!

Young Patrick Roy sure looks the part, but his play suggests looks are deceiving. Roy's first two seasons saw a save percentage of .856. Last year that number was .875, but that's not good enough for a goalie who's supposed to be a top player in the league. Roy is certainly capable, but upto this point, he hasn't played like an elite goalie.
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