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Angry Blurry Screen in the middle

Ok, so my computer like months ago wigged out. I couldn't figure out why my computer screen was real fuzzy and blurry in the middle of the computer screen and the words looked a tad bigger from top to bottom , and on both sides the words and icons were a little smaller and perfectly clear.

Well, I then figured out to change my video mode settings on my screen to like 800x600 High Color and everything went back to normal. The fuzziness and blurriness was gone in the middle and everything was proportioned in size and appearance. BUT, when I start up OOTP4 or OOTP3, it still does the fuzzy, blurry and bigger words in the middle of the screen from top to bottom, and on the left and right sides, the words are clear but smaller.

What can I do?

Do you think all will be ok when I go to purchase OOTP5? Can you think of anything I can do to resolve this problem? I have tried all the different video modes and true color, high color, 256 colors, everything, and the OOTP4 still messes up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
Dan Heckelbeck
Kansas City, MO
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