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Melton Reaquired

My clubhouse chemistry is bad, and my team keeps losing. Josh Blumenschein is mad because he isn't starting. I've traded him for my former right fielder, John Melton, and a few others,

Abolitionists, Eries Close Deal
Saturday, May 23rd, 1891
A trade was announced today at a press conference in Cincinnati. Not satisfied with their current roster, the Cincinnati Abolitionists general manager shook things up by acquiring 28-year-old RF John Melton, 24-year-old minor league LHP Josh Ake, 25-year-old minor league LHP Angel Alequin and 22-year-old minor league RHP Alex Arellano from the Cleveland Eries for 33-year-old 3B Josh Blumenschein. The Abolitionists general manager said, "We're a better team now. We've added several pieces to the puzzle."

This season Blumenschein is batting at a .333 clip with no home runs and 0 RBIs.

This year Melton has hit 1 home run and posted a .261 batting average.
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