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2015 ALDS Recap

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The New York Yankees:

Our division rivals for the ALCS, and with us having injury woes. That will be fun. So, roster stuff. Josh Rutledge will be on the bench for game one, given how Hechavarria hit in game four, not that bad. Hector Santiago was moved off the playoff roster and on the DL. His oblique got worse, and we do not even know when he will be back... Back on the roster... Henderson Alvarez should be available for game four.

Now, the 89-73 Yankees. They are a problem. The duo of GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi have been around for a while and they have shown that they can lead the team to success over the years. With 27 World Series titles, they are obviously the most successful team in MLB history, but not winning the division for a while and missing the playoffs in 2013 did not go well with their fanbase.

Their rotation was the second best in the AL... and right now, they are more talented than ours on paper.

SP Tim Lincecum(31, 4.5*, 13-9 3.31 256K 33GS) is a 2x Cy Young winner, SP Phil Hughes(29, 4*, 14-6 2.58 182K 27GS) will start game one, and the duo of Manny Banuelos(24, 4*, 10-9 3.42 183K 28GS) and A.J. Griffin(27, 3/3.5*, 11-12 3.79 163K 29GS) have been rock solid all year long. That means we may have to exploit their pen... 14th in the AL, and their closer Mark Montgomery(25, 3.5*, 7-6 46SV 3.43 76IP 120K) had a up and down year.

Their offense has been in the middle of the pack with LF Brett Gardner(32, 3.5*, .225-3-28 .637OPS 109G) and 5x Gold Glover 1B Mark Teixeira(35, 3.5*, .219-27-70 .694OPS 158G) have had so-so seasons in the #1/#2 slot in the lineup. What they do have... is power distributed up and down the lineup.

CF Mason Williams(24, 4.5*, .275-23-72 .758OPS 21/37SB) gives them power and defense with some speed, 3B Hanley Ramirez(31, 4*, .270-25-70 .799OPS 156GS) definitly was their signing of the season, while $20M man 2B Robinson Cano(32, 3.5*, .274-15-57 .735OPS 137G) was one of the disappointments of the season.

RF Corey Hart(33, 3.5*, .242-26-58 .734OPS 148GS) and C Brian McCann(31, 4*, .249-21-63 .782OPS 131G) make it five players with 20+HR and there is still Mr. Alex Rodriguez(40, 0.5*, .226-15-37 .721OPS 103G/87GS) appearing in the lineup from time to time...
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2015 ALCS Game 1

American League Championship Series Game 1:
14th October 2015
New York Yankees - Toronto Blue Jays @The Skydome

NYY: SP Phil Hughes(R, 1-0 5.06 1GS)
TOR: SP Ross Seaton(R, 0-0 0.00 1GS)

Hughes was 1-1 with a 0.60ERA against us, while Seaton was 3-0 with a 1.14ERA against the Yankees in the regular season... sounds like we are in for a pitcher's duel. Anthony Rizzo nearly blew that expectation with a huge swing to right center... that Williams ran down and caught before colliding with the wall... he was fine.

Edwin and Bautista got on in the second, but got stranded when Castellanos and Lawrie made weak outs... which is why they are batting towards the bottom of our order.

Tempers flared in the third for two different reasons. One, when Julio Borbon got hit by a pitch, and one time when Tulo was close to screaming the umpire after a couple of questionable strike calls. That inning also saw Anthony Rizzo hit another deep drive with two outs... and this time he creamed one into right center for a 2-run homer, TOR 2, NYY 0.

And Ross Seaton was dealing. The first time through the order, a Alex Rodriguez single was all they got... and you know Ross is dealing when he does not walk people... and long story short, he threw eight perfect innings of 4-hit ball before Luke Gregerson nailed his second playoff save 1-2-3 with a K.

SP Ross Seaton 8IP 4H 0R 0ER 1BB 10K
CF Julio Borbon 0-3 R SB(2)
2B Adeiny Hechavarria 1-4
1B Anthony Rizzo 1-3 R 2RBI HR
DH Edwin Encarnacion 2-3
3B Brett Lawrie 1-3
HR NYY: none
HR TOR: Anthony Rizzo(1)
W: Ross Seaton(1-0 0.00) L: Phil Hughes(1-1 3.97) SV: Luke Gregerson(2 0.00)
NYY 0 TOR 2 TOR leads ALCS 1-0.
That is 14 innings of 1-run(0ER) ball for Ross Seaton... he did his job and is pretty gassed... so no skipping, he won't start on three days rest.

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2015 ALCS Game 2

American League Championship Series Game 2:
15th October 2015
New York Yankees - Toronto Blue Jays @The Skydome

NYY: SP Manny Banuelos(L, 0-0 1SV 0.00 2IP)
TOR: SP Jhoulys Chacin(R, 0-0 4.05 1GS)

Banuelos did not feature in the ALDS, had a 7.20ERA in the regular season against us, and Chacin was 2-0 with a 2.50ERA against them, Josh Rutledge is back heathy and with Jose Bautista being 0-5 with two walks in the last two games... we still left him in for today's game... I got a feeling about that.

And Chacin was sucking the air our of the place right away. Brett Gardner connected for a sharp single into right and Mason Williams doubled off the wall in right center... and got his *** saved by a monster throw by Jose Bautista that convinced Gardner to stay at thirdbase... mission accomplished. Now, Chacin pulled it back big time by fooling Hanley Ramirez with a 92mph heater... and Robinson Cano with a curve off the plate... inning over.

Chacin's ship still started to leak when the Yankees loaded the bases on hard contact... single, single, single... RBI single by Hak-Yu Lee.. and a K and a double play to keep things close...

What they did with four hits, scoring a single run... Edwin did with one big rip, leading off the bottom of the second with a moonshot to left center, and a leadoff Lawrie triple in the third looked like more trouble for Banuelos... if we would've gotten the ball out of the infield... he was stranded by the top of the order.

Meanwhile, Chacin quit the base hit business... and walked two on instead, but this time got out of jail with a K and two great plays by his infield defense... but getting five innings without catastrophy out of him was the goal... and he gave us that on 94 pitches and was yanked after that.

Banuelos passed 100 pitches in the sixth inning while putting on Anthony Rizzo on four pitches, and it was clear for most spectators that he was past his expiration date by then. Joe Girardi disagreed... up to the point where Banuelos threw a 90mph heater middle middle that sailed 350ft to Souvenir City... 2-RUN HOMER d'Arnaud, TOR 3, NYY 1.

Joey Bats made it back-to-back dingers and THEN they brought in Jason Hammel in to relief their starter... "Too Late, Joe," as the New York Times would tell the world tomorrow. Boone Logan then did a fabulous job in relief, whiffing four out of six and pitching two scoreless... and Gregerson collected three weak and quick outs on five pitches to sent this series to New York with Canada up 2-0!

SP Jhoulys Chacin 5IP 6H 1R 1ER 2BB 6K
CF Julio Borbon 1-4 SB(3)
DH Edwin Encarnacion 1-4 R RBI HR
1B Anthony Rizzo 1-3 R BB
C Travis d'Arnaud 2-3 R 2RBI HR
RF Jose Bautista 1-3 R RBI HR
3B Brett Lawrie 1-3 TP
HR NYY: none
HR TOR: Edwin Encarnacion(3), Travis d'Arnaud(1), Jose Bautista(2)
W: Bud Norris(1-0 0.00) L: Manny Banuelos(0-1 4.70) SV: Luke Gregerson(3 0.00)
NYY 1 TOR 4 TOR leads ALCS 2-0.
YES YES YES! Great job by everyone. Chacin did his job... somehow, the pen threw four hitless and the home run crew did their job...

Washington Nationals - Atlanta Braves 4-5
Atlanta leads NLCS 1-0.

Washington Nationals - Atlanta Braves 3-4
Atlanta leads NLCS 2-0.

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2015 ALCS Game 3

American League Championship Series Game 3:
17th October 2015
Toronto Blue Jays - New York Yankees @Yankee Stadium

TOR: SP Tommy Milone(L, 1-0 0.00 1GS)
NYY: SP Tim Lincecum(R, 0-0 4.00 2GS)

Ok, that pitching matchup is not exactly favorable... chance for Milone to become a hero... and we kept Bautista in the lineup. And we promptly only got one hit, a stinking two out single by d'Arnaud in the second.

By the time we got another hit... the Yankees had already ravaged Milone starting with two two-out singles by Lee and Gardner... before Mark Teixeira walloped one over into some screaming fans in right field. NYY 3, TOR 0.

While I was emptying a bottle... closet... winery of wine... things got derailed for Tim Lincecum... first looking uncomfortable... then signaling towards the trainer... with something wrong with his upper body... and left the game.

My wine bottle ultimately broke one inning later... as the Yankees brought in Ivan Nova and his regular season ERA north of six... and issued a walk to Bautista, threw a bad fastball to Castellanos for a RBI-triple... and we got shards and red wine on the carpet when Brett Lawrie drove another pitch towards the ISS to tie it at three!

And that ended the scoring for innings and innings... as Milone went seven innings of 3-run ball and that got matched by the Yankees pen... shockingly. After all, we gave Joba Chamberlain a chance to redeem himself after that bad outing against Chicago in the ALDS... and there was... light and shadow.

On the plus side, he struck out the side AND hit Hanley Ramirez and knocked him out of the game with some kind of injury...me celebrating that would be on the front of stadiumreport.bbn later today as an example for bad sportsmanship...

On the bad side of things, McCann doubled, A-Rod reached on a bunt where we failed to get the out at second, and Hak-Ju Lee, their trade deadline acquisition in the Pineda deal, plated both with a double to straight center field that bounced off the wall in front of Borbon.

And yet, the wild ride continued. Their closer Mark Montgomery was already in his second inning of relief for the ninth inning, and in line for the W... when Bautista made it a one run game with a 450ft rocket into the second deck... and Brett Lawrie, the tying run, reached on a four pitch walk with two outs.

John Gibbons twiched and mumbled something... but Borbon still came out to bat and got ahead 2-0... with Lawrie dancing at first base. The next pitch... fastball down in the zone... 2-1 count... Borbon reached for it... HARD LINER... left center... Gardner running... DIVES... AND HE MADE THE ******** CATCH.

SP Tommy Milone 7IP 5H 3R 3ER 0BB 2K
CF Julio Borbon 0-4 BB SB(4)
SS Troy Tulowitzki 1-3
C Travis d'Arnaud 1-4
RF Jose Bautista 1-3 2R RBI BB HR
LF Nick Castellanos 1-4 R RBI TP
3B Brett Lawrie 1-3 R 2RBI BB HR
HR TOR: Brett Lawrie(1), Jose Bautista(3)
HR NYY: Mark Teixeira(1)
W: Mark Reynolds(2-0 1.17) L: Joba Chamberlain(0-2 16.88)
TOR 4 NYY 5 TOR leads ALCS 2-1.
Chamberlain... he was so good in the regular season... just reliever things.
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2015 ALCS Game 4

American League Championship Series Game 4:
18th October 2015
Toronto Blue Jays - New York Yankees @Yankee Stadium

TOR: SP Henderson Alvarez(R, 15-6 3.41)
NYY: SP A.J. Griffin(R, 1-0 2.70 2G/1GS)

How about taking a risk? Henderson has thrown his last MLB pitch... a month ago, September 15th against Atlanta, and we throw him into the ALCS game four. Griffin on the other hand won game 2 of the ALDS. We kept the lineup as it was... and both starters got out of the first unscrached with Alvarez retiring the side in order on seven pitches.

Spectators had to wait till the third for the first knock of the ballgame... and it was Jose Bautista who hit a screamer on the ground and into right field, and on a 2-1 count, Nick Castellanos executed a hit-and-run call perfectly... runners at the corners, nobody out.

Now, getting a runner home... was a challenge as Brett Lawrie stuck out on three pitches, and all Julio Borbon got was a RBI... on a groundout. Rutledge then got some good wood on the ball... and lined out to Gardner in left field who barely had to move his body.

Henderson showed his first chinc in the armor when A-Rod singled to start the third, but was forced at second by Brett Gardner and Tex struck out to end the frame later on. Instead, Jose Bautista worked some more magic, aka a walk and a stolen base, and this time, Brett Lawrie did not miss his pitch... and smoked a fast sinking liner in front of a charging Gardner for a RBI-single.

And then, some things were set alight. First, Julio Borbon smoked one into center for a single, then he and Lawrie torched Brian McCann with a double steal, and then Josh Rutledge burned Griffin with a HUGE 2-run triple that got the starter yanked instantly for 40.50ERA reliever Ivan Nova... TOR 4, NYY 0.

After Tulo eventually grounded out to end the frame, Alvarez eventually showed that he knew how to handle a lead... by actively trying to blow it. Soft singles by McCann, Jak-Ju Lee and Gardner broke the shutout by scoring their first run.

That brought up Mark Teixeira, and he got a fastball... TORCHED... TO DEEP LEFT FIELD... FOR THE TIE... TRACK, WALL... CAUGHT!!! CASTELLANOS ROBBED HIM OF A THREE RUN HOMER!

With all Yankees fans in attendance still shocked that that ball did not go, Ivan Nova conceded his 417th run of the playoffs on doubles by Rizzo and Travis d'Arnaud and even more shockingly, Henderson Alvarez then struck out two in a 1-2-3 sixth inning that would end a impressive performance after 91 pitches, four hits, one run, one walk and five strikeouts.

Steve Delabar replaced him and pitched a scoreless frame, and also, Yankees right fielder and home run threat Corey Hart had to be taken out of the game after a diving catch in right field to end the top of the seventh... he is hitting .107 in the postseason so... this may be an improvement for them.

A one out Brett Gardner double off Charlie Furbush was their last try to get a crooked number on the scoreboard... and that did not go well as Texeira grounded out and moved the runner over... and Williams lobbed out softly to center.

SP Henderson Alvarez 6IP 4H 1R 1ER 1BB 5K
CF Julio Borbon 1-5 R RBI SB(5)
2B Josh Rutledge 1-4 2RBI TP
1B Anthony Rizzo 1-3 R BB DB SB
C Travis d'Arnaud 1-4 RBI DB
RF Jose Bautista 1-3 2R BB SB(1)
LF Nick Castellanos 1-4
3B Brett Lawrie 2-4 R RBI 2SB(4)
HR TOR: none
HR NYY: none
W: Henderson Alvarez(1-0 1.50) L: A.J. Griffin(1-1 4.76)
TOR 5 NYY 1 TOR leads ALCS 3-1.
The king of smoke and mirrors does it again. PS: Yes, our speed guys really embarassed Brian McCann today...

Atlanta Braves - Washington Nationals 5-4
Atlanta leads NLCS 3-0.
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2015 ALCS Game 5

American League Championship Series Game 5:
19th October 2015
Toronto Blue Jays - New York Yankees @Yankee Stadium

TOR: SP Bud Norris(R, 1-0 0.00 2G/0GS)
NYY: SP Phil Hughes(R, 1-1 3.97 2GS)

This was a last minute decision, but Ross Seaton was not feeling fully rested and with him being already having exceeded his career high in innings pitched by a country mile this season... we decided to take no risk here... he threw 120 pitches in his last start. That meant an unfavorable pitching matchup of course... If we blow this series now, blame me.

And the blaming started right in the bottom first when the Yankees took Norris for quite a ride. Brett Gardner led off the inning with a single but was caught stealing, Teixeira struck out and with two outs... Norris failed to get the third out three times and walked Williams, watched Hanley ground a single up the middle... and Cano smoked one to right that landed somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, NYY 3, TOR 0.

We got ourselves a base hit apiece in the second and third inning, but stranded the at second and third base... not that it mattered as Bud Norris was torn to pieces in the bottom third... double single, RBI-double... and RBI's #4,#5 and #6 for Robbie Cano on another 3-run home run...

Norris and Hembree got the 'take one for the team' job in a 8-1 loss, and we will return home for game 6 the day after tomorrow... given I don't die on a alcohol overdose...

SP Bud Norris 5IP 8H 8R 8ER 2BB 4K
CF Julio Borbon 1-4 R DB
SS Troy Tulowitzki 0-3 RBI
1B Anthony Rizzo 2-4 DB
C Travis d'Arnaud 1-3
RF Jose Bautista 1-3 SB(2)
LF Nick Castellanos 1-4
HR TOR: none
HR NYY: Robinson Cano 2(2)
W: Phil Hughes(2-1 2.95) L: Bud Norris(1-1 7.71)
TOR 1 NYY 8 TOR leads ALCS 3-2.
Seaton's arm better works his magic in game six... else somebody is going to pay for that...

Atlanta Braves - Washington Nationals 9-10
WSH LF Tyler Moore(28, 1*) 2-4 3R 5RBI BB 2HR(2)
Atlanta leads NLCS 3-1.

Atlanta Braves - Washington Nationals 2-3
Atlanta leads NLCS 3-2.
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2015 ALCS Game 6

American League Championship Series Game 6:
21st October 2015
New York Yankees - Toronto Blue Jays @The Skydome

NYY: SP Manny Banuelos(L, 0-1 4.70 2G/1GS)
TOR: SP Ross Seaton(R, 1-0 0.00 2GS)

This is where we miss Hector Santiago... to hell with that, let us just hang some more earned runs on Banuelos and end the series right now. Of course, the first crooked number came off the bat of Mason Williams... two down into the first, he banged a fastball to right and gone for a 1-0 Yankees lead. Base hits by Cano and right fielder Slade Heathcott sound worse than they were... as Brian McCann rolled into a double play to end the top 2nd.

Now, bottom second... we stared... at our friend Ivan Nova and his 21.60ERA as Banuelos left with another kind of injury... and as expected, Edwin led off the inning with a double down the left field line... and came home on a sac fly off the bat of d'Arnaud.

And that one did not last long. Hak-Ju Lee doubled over the head of Bautista and Gardner hit a texas leaguer into right center... two on, nobody out in the third. Teixeira, who has done more than enough damage already, hit a hard shot... right at Rizzo, one down. Williams grounded one back to Seaton... 1-3 out.

One out to go... and Hanley Ramirez had nothing about that and homered to left for a 3-run job that made me break something costly... don't ask. NYY 4, TOR 1. But with Ivan Nova on the mound... that lead was not save.

Brett Lawrie took that to heart with a 2-run home run that made it 4-3 Yankees, and a visibly shakened Nova walked Julio Borbon. A stolen base, a groundout and a RBI-single by Troy Tulowitzki chased Nova, tied the game, and brought out lefty Jorge De La Rosa... and after pouring some more oil in the fire by walking Edwin... he put it out with a flyout and a K.

Seaton was little better and it was clear that we rode him too long in game one and are still paying the price... McCann BB, Heathcott single, Brett Gardner 2-run triple. 6-4 Yankees lead... I am going to kill somebody. A deep flyout by Robbie Cano closed the book on Ross in the fifth... 5IP 8H 6ER 1BB 3K.

Steve Delabar turned in an inning in relief... though we were close of wanting to give this one back. He hit young Heathcott who replaced the injured Corey Hart quite well... and walked A-Rod and Lee to load the bases with one out. In stepped Brett Gardner... who hit one on the ground to Tulo... the throw home... IN TIME... TO FIRST... 6-2-3 DOUBLE PLAY ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME!

Did not help us much as De La Rosa turned in 3.1 hitless innings and things winded down with Delabar, Logan, Jason Hammel and Mark Montgomery pitching scoreless frames.

Montgomery went into his second inning of relief in the ninth... looking for the save... and pitch #20 found a bat... Jose Bautista... and traveled 367 feet to make it a 1-run game... ande got the crowd back into it. And Montgomery first silenced them by getting Castellanos to K and Lawrie to pop out to short.

And then, he angered the crowd by hitting Julio Borbon, tying run to first, winning run at the plate in Josh Rutledge... scratch that, Jorge Soler grabbed a bat. And while Montgomery was distracted by Borbon at first... it was enough attention to fan Soler to force game 7.

SP Ross Seaton 5IP 8H 6R 6ER 1BB 3K
CF Julio Borbon 0-3 R BB HBP SB(6)
2B Josh Rutledge 1-4 SB(2)
SS Troy Tulowitzki 1-3 RBI BB
DH Edwin Encarnacion 1-3 R BB DB
C Travis d'Arnaud 0-3 RBI
RF Jose Bautista 1-3 R RBI BB HR
LF Nick Castellanos 1-4 R DB
3B Brett Lawrie 1-4 R 2RBI HR
HR NYY: Mason Williams(3), Hanley Ramirez(2)
HR TOR: Jose Bautista(4), Brett Lawrie(2)
W: Jorge De La Rosa(1-0 0.00) L: Ross Seaton(1-1 2.84) SV: Mark Montgomery(2 1.86)
NYY 6 TOR 5 ALCS tied at 3.
Jep, we miss Santiago and yes, we should not have pushed Ross over his pitch limit in game one... or should've started him two days ago... **** me.
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2015 ALCS Game 7

American League Championship Series Game 7:
22nd October 2015
New York Yankees - Toronto Blue Jays @The Skydome

NYY: SP A.J. Griffin(R, 1-1 4.76 3G/2GS)
TOR: SP Jhoulys Chacin(R, 0-0 3.09 2GS)

Time to finish a 3-1 series lead to bottle job story right? The pitching matchup is a coinflip and we made a panic move in the lineup, putting Bautista in the #2 spot for Josh Rutledge... hoping for the old man to make the difference.

Before he even came to bat for the first time, the fans had to endure some more 2-out drama with Mason Williams and Hanley hitting sound singles top first for Robbie Cano... who grounded out to Rutledge... getting my blood pressure down to normal ALCS Game 7 levels...

And when Bautista got a chance to hit... he hit a SCREAMER to right field... Heathcott running... OFF THE WALL and it bounces away from Heathcott... and Jose kept running for a triple! Both Hanley and Lee then dove in desparation to get to a Tulo grounder... and missed it, TOR 1 NYY 0. A minute later, Anthony Rizzo got some other guys to try a dive... the fans in right field when he hit a 2-run homer.

Griffin somehow managed to strike out the side all through that and got two more in the second, but more trouble came his way when Borbon grounded up the middle for a base hit to start the bottom third. He was looking to steal, Griffin was looking to not let that happen, and still got ahead 1-2 to Bautista.. and threw him a curveball low and inside to him... SWUNG ON AND GOLFED TO LEFT FIELD... GOING... GOING GOOONE, HOME RUN BAUTISTA! Toronto has a 5-run lead!

Ivan Nova for once came in and did not yield a run right away while Jhoulys Chacin ran against a wall in the sixth. The speedy Gardner hit one into the gap in right and ran it out for a triple, Tex drove him in, and Cano then made it two runs before Heathcott defused the situation by grounding into a bases loaded double play... my gosh...

The Yankees went through the motions, bringing in Hammel after Nova and after Furbush threw a scoreless top seventh, and things started to blow in their face again. Rutledge hit one up the middle, Castellanos walked and both embarassed Brian McCann again... with a double steal with nobody out.

Prime chance to score? Not for us. New York dug deep into their pen and got outs quick outs from Borbon and Lawrie, the ever dangerous(finally dangerous?) Bautista never saw anything to hit... and Tulo struck out with the bags full.

But, the yourney ended for the Yankees when Charlie Furbush, Brian Wilson and Nick Castellanos held them to two hits through three innings and brought home this one.

SP Jhoulys Chacin 6IP 6H 2R 2ER 2BB 4K
CF Julio Borbon 1-4 R
RF Jose Bautista 2-3 2R 2RBI BB TP HR
SS Troy Tulowitzki 1-4 R RBI
1B Anthony Rizzo 1-4 R 2RBI HR
DH Edwin Encarnacion 1-4
2B Josh Rutledge 1-4 SB(3)
LF Nick Castellanos 0-2 BB SB(1)
HR NYY: none
HR TOR: Jose Bautista(5), Anthony Rizzo(3)
W: Jhoulys Chacin(1-0 3.06) L: A.J. Griffin(1-2 7.42) SV: Luke Gregerson(4 0.00)
NYY 2 TOR 5 TOR wins ALCS 4-3.
Series MvP: Jose Bautista .350 with a .480OBP and 4 home runs.

Atlanta Braves - Washington Nationals 1-3
Atlanta wins NLCS 4-2, advances to World Series.
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2015 ALCS Recap

Name:  2015 ALCS.PNG
Views: 16
Size:  186.2 KB

The Atlanta Braves:

Coming into the playoffs with a 93-69 record and a NL East crown, the Braves returned to the playoffs for the fourth straight season, but for the first time with a pennant. Their last World Series win dates back to 1995, the golden age of Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz.

Led by long term manager Fredi Gonzalez, their 2015 edition is a vastly different team as they rely heavily on offense... and home runs as they led the NL 161 dingers last season, and scored 626 runs, fourth in the NL... but they are on life support these days.

Both Upton brothers, B.J.(31, 3.5*, .198-3-8 .575OPS 82G/19GS) and Justin(28, 5*, .278-17-44 .893OPS 77G) have been on the DL for a while, C Devin Mesoraco(27, 3.5/4*, .272-12-39 .756OPS 109G) joined them late August together with CL Craig Kimbrel(27, 5*, 2-2 29SV 3.19 91K 54IP) and SP Brandon Beachy(29, 3.5*, 15-8 3.05 227K 32GS) did not survive the NLCS.

That leaves them with a rotation of young Julio Teheran(24, 4.5*, 21-6 2.27 213K 33GS) who led the NL in wins, veteran Joe Johnson(31, 3.5*, 12-12 3.52 182K 34GS) and the scrappy duo of Wade LeBlanc(31, 1.5*, 11-12 4.45 143K 30GS) and Franklin Morales(29, 1*, 4-6 4.23 78K 15GS), the two lefties in their rotation... advantage Blue Jays.

On the hitting side, the top four are pretty much set in stone. SS Andrelton Simmons(26, 3.5/4*, .275-8-45 .728OPS 131G) is leading off and in playing vacuum cleaner in the field, being the 2014 NL Gold Glover. 25-year old Anthony Rendon(25, 3.5/4*, .266-13-33 .752OPS 95GS) never broke through in Washington, but they like him here at third base, batting second.

Batting third and fourth will be two homegrown stars, 1B Freddie Freeman(26, 3*, .283-26-81 .786OPS) and RF Jason Heyward(26, 4.5*, .262-21-75 .775OPS 145G), another Gold Glover and 4x All-Star. Yoenis Cespedes(30, 4*, .286-19-69 .784OPS) will bat sixth and the veteran hand of Dan Uggla(35, 2*, .251-22-73 .754OPS) seventh... lots of oomph distributed through this lineup.

My prediction: Toronto in six, which means we will get swept
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2015 World Series Game 1

World Series Game 1:
24th October 2015
Toronto Blue Jays - Atlanta Braves @Turner Field

TOR: SP Tommy Milone(L, 1-0 1.84 2GS)
ATL: SP Wade LeBlanc(L, 1-1 3.27 2GS)

As expert John Kruk put it, a pretty underwhelming pitching matchup for game one of a world series, but it will have to do. In a last minute decision, we left Hector Santiago off the World Series playoff roster once again... no timetable on his return, no reason to waste the roster spot if we do not even know if he is going to pitch.

With the DH out of play and a lefty on the mound... say hello to the bench Mr. Rizzo and get your first base glove Mr. Encarnacion.

And Edwin collected a 2-out hit right out of the gates. LeBlanc had walked Borbon to start the game, but Rutledge and Tulo made easy outs before our DH turned first baseman lined one into left. That got d'Arnaud into the fray and he hit a 87mph heater to dead center... dropping... dropping... into the glove of a diving Cespedes, inning over. Another leadoff walk to Bautista was stranded with Tommy Milone striking out for the final out in the second.

And our lefty got into trouble in the bottom half when Cespedes and Dan Uggla singled over a helpless infield defense to start the frame. Evan Gattis then got ahead 3-0... ran the count full... and lined a hard one to the gap... and Borbon got there. Milone then somehow amped up his game... after a pep talk by Tulo... and struck out the next two batters to get out of the jam.

Once again, Milone got a two out shot with runner on in the top forth, and grounded out to Uggla to end the frame, but the Braves were equally frustrated with him... as both starters finished four scoreless innings. There were dark clouds in the sky for Atlanta though as LeBlanc already had passed 80 pitches through four... and it started to rain a bit, but that stopped again in the fifth.

What did not stop was LeBlanc not hitting the strikezone as Rutledge walked with one out and with the weak armed Gattis behind the plate, we set him in motion... and he swiped second. On a 1-1 pitch, Tulo threw the bat head at a curveball that was just in the zone... and drove it to right center into the gap... extra bases... AND a run, TOR 1, ATL 0.

The inning sizzled out with Edwin and d'Arnaud not getting things done and that was it for LeBlanc, five innings of 1-run ball. They brought in righty Cristhian Martinez... and he got greeted roughly by Bautista with a leadoff double. A K, a flyout and a Milone popup later... no runs scored.

The bullpen bonanza continued when Julio Borbon doubled to start the seventh off Mike Minor, and our top of the order then made three pathetic outs to strand him at third base. Milone, who continued to baffle the Braves, then threw one pitch bottom 7th... and his outing ended there as the rain returned and stopped play for more than an hour.

Brian Wilson got the bottom of the seventh and collected a couple of K's. For us, the walking continued as John Cornely, the righty that finished the top 7th, walked d'Arnaud to start the eighth. Bautista took his shot to center... and flew out softly, and Castellanos had trouble touching a ball this game anyways... and fanned again.

By the time Brett Lawrie came to bat, Jordan Walden and his 2.11 regular season ERA was on the mound... and he fell behind 3-1 before Lawrie unleashed one to left field... this one is way back, WAY BACK... GOONE! Lawrie cashed in himself and d'Arnaud and made it 3-0 Toronto!

And that was it for Atlanta today as Joba Chamberlain and Luke Gregerson finished the 3-hit shutout with two more no-hit relief innings, and we took a 1-0 series lead in enemy territory!

SP Tommy Milone 6IP 3H 0R 0ER 1BB 4K
CF Julio Borbon 1-4 BB DB
2B Josh Rutledge 1-4 R BB SB(4)
SS Troy Tulowitzki 2-5 RBI DB
1B Edwin Encarnacion 1-4
C Travis d'Arnaud 0-3 R BB
RF Jose Bautista 1-4 DB
LF Nick Castellanos 1-4
3B Brett Lawrie 2-4 R 2RBI HR
HR TOR: Brett Lawrie(3)
HR ATL: none
W: Tommy Milone(2-0 1.31) L: Wade LeBlanc(1-1 2.81) SV: Luke Gregerson(5 0.00)
TOR 3 ATL 0 TOR leads World Series 1-0.
I honestly do not know how Milone is pulling this off... but I really like it. We will need a bit more clutch hitting if we want to win this thing... normally, those Braves DO score some runs...
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2015 World Series Game 2

World Series Game 2:
25th October 2015
Toronto Blue Jays - Atlanta Braves @Turner Field

TOR: SP Henderson Alvarez(R, 1-0 1.50 1GS)
ATL: SP Julio Teheran(R, 0-0 3.20 3GS)

Their best starter based on talent, and we answer with smoke and mirrors... Santiago is still out for those who wonder... John Gibbons threw a coin this morning, it landed into his coffee mug, and he decided to bat Brett Lawrie second instead of Rutledge... as he wishes.

Lawrie got a chance to do some damage early as Borbon sniped one under the glove of Freeman at first and then swiped second, but Brett whiffed on a changeup that was right middle middle... instead, Tulo got the job done with a soft single into left, but the inning sizzled out quickly on a strike-em-out-throw-em-out double play.

Alvarez lost that lead on a couple of deep drives towards the outfield wall that dropped in for doubles, and then lost his right fielder as Bautista sacrificed his body to catch a tricky and hard liner bottom second and sprained his ankle while jumping at the track...

After that, offense was at a premium and we promptly stranded a leadoff walk(Lawrie) in the fourth as Teheran completely fooled the canadian birds with 7 strikeouts in four innings while Alvarez did his smoke and mirrors stuff... until the mirror broke in the bottom of the seventh.

Jason Heyward took a walk to start the inning, and Alvarez decided to empty the tank and struck out Cespedes and Uggla... before the wheels came off. Kyle Russell got ahead 2-0 and singled softly to right, and Evan Gattis went up the middle, drove in Heyward... and watched helplessly when Russell got nailed at third base by a monster of a throw by Julio Borbon.

That was it for Alvarez as he was hit for top eighth with Ceciliani... not productive, I might add, and replaced by Steve Delabar. And Delabar got my blood pressure up to unhealthy heights by serving up singles to Matt Lipka and Andrelton Simmons and then walking Rendon to juice the bags with NOBODY out.

He SOMEHOW managed to whiff Freeman and Heyward AND then faced Cespedes... who hit a deep drive to center... and Borbon somehow teleported to the right spot to catch it.

Now, can we get SOMETHING out of Cory Gearrin in his second inning of relief with the middle of the order coming up? PLEASE? Well, Lawrie fanned, Tulo popped up and Rizzo hit a ***** grounder back to Gearrin... NOT FUNNY.

SP Henderson Alvarez 7IP 6H 2R 2ER 1BB 6K
CF Julio Borbon 2-4 R SB(7)
3B Brett Lawrie 0-3 BB
SS Troy Tulowitzki 1-4 RBI
C Travis d'Arnaud 1-3 DB
HR TOR: none
HR ATL: none
W: Julio Teheran(1-0 2.70) L: Henderson Alvarez(1-1 2.08) SV: Cody Gearrin(7 0.64)
TOR 1 ATL 2 World Series tied at 1.
Ok, that scoring run thing requires some more work... yes, Teheran and Gearrin are unfortunately good... but c'mon, give Alvarez SOME help here.
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2015 World Series Game 3

World Series Game 3:
27th October 2015
Atlanta Braves - Toronto Blue Jays @The Skydome

ATL: SP Josh Johnson(R, 3-0 2.37 3GS)
TOR: SP Ross Seaton(R, 1-1 2.84 3GS)


John Gibbons tossed another coin, this time it dropped on the ground, rolled towards his office door... and got picked up there by Jose Bautista... who then batted second today... despite his sprained ankle that would influence his running...

I do not want to know what happens when the cleaning lady would've picked that one up, don't I?

Anyways, Bautista came through with a single his first time up, but Tulo hit ANOTHER ****ty popup to get to two outs and Anthony Rizzo. And our first baseman UNLEASHED ONE TO DEEP CENTER... TRACK... WALL... Cespedes, inning over... **** me.

And the Braves started to threaten in the third. Kyle Russell banged one off the wall in right center and Gattis, their slow footed catcher, lined one past two lunging defenders into right field... runners at the corners nobody out. Our pitching coach went out there and did his thing... bring Seaton some tacos and telling him things in spanish he won't unterstand...

And it worked as Ross fanned the next two batters and Freeman lined out to left... Up until Bautista was up the second time, we failed to get the ball out of the infield, but Jose got a carbon copy of his base hit from two innings earlier to reach in the fourth.

Tulo swung at a 1-1 changeup, Bautista was running... and both were safe as Uggla only was able to make a clumsy throw to first that was not in time... and we still failed to score as Bautista ran into an out at third, Rizzo did nothing and d'Arnaud hit a shot to deep left that was defused by a lightning quick Kyle Russell.

Andrelton Simmons then finally went deep off Seaton to give the offense that actually had a pulse a 1-0 lead... but there was hope... as the Braves screwed things up. Rutledge reached base by doing nothing, and Lawrie took a page out of Bautista's playbook... hit it to left field past two defenders for a single.

Evan Gattis then helped us tremendously as Lawrie and Rutledge attempted a double steal and Gattis threw the ball into left field... TOR 1, ATL 1. Borbon eventually grounded out to Simmongs, Bautista walked and Mr. 170, Troy Tulowitzki was at the plate... and he flew out softly to Russell... end of the fifth.

And the scoring continued as Heyward homered off Seaton. Don't get me wrong, Ross had 10 strikeouts through six innings and basically only allowed those two home runs... but two runs are enough to lose with this offense right?

Wrong. For once, the Jays manufactured something with Rizzo leading off the bottom sixth with a single and eventually scoring on a soft Castellanos single that rolled past Simmons. Ross then collected strikeout #11 and walk #1 in a scoreless top of the seventh and was clearly done for the night.

NOW SCORE THIS MAN SOME RUNS! With Josh Johnson throwing 100 pitches through six, we got into the wobbly part of their pen, Cornely and his 14.40 postseason ERA. Walks were one big problem... and they were here as Borbon reached right away and Bautista hobbled to the plate... Julio was dancing at first base and Cornely missed the zone twice, being distracted by that.

Joey Bats then was ordered to take a might hack in the 2-0 pitch... AND HAMMERED THE PITCH TO DEEP LEFT FIELD... HOME RUN BAUTISTA, HIS SIXTH OF THE POSTSEASON, TOR 4 ATL 2.

They brought in Cristhian Martinez to get out of the inning... and he did but not without damage as Edwin singled with two down and d'Arnaud BLASTED one to left center... TOR 6, ATL 2 and the rout was on... or not.

Brian Wilson got the eighth and was still asleep as he walked Rendon, balked him over to second, and woke up on a big CRACK off the bat of Freddie Freeman. Gregerson started warming up in a hurry, but now that Wilson was awake... he struck out the next two hitters and Gregerson then mowed them down 1-2-3 in the ninth.

SP Ross Seaton 7IP 5H 2R 2ER 1BB 11K
CF Julio Borbon 0-1 R BB
RF Jose Bautista 3-3 R 2RBI BB HR
1B Anthony Rizzo 1-4 R
DH Edwin Encarnacion 2-4 R
C Travis d'Arnaud 2-4 R 2RBI HR
2B Josh Rutledge 1-3 R BB SB(5)
LF Nick Castellanos 1-4 RBI
3B Brett Lawrie 1-4 SB(5)
HR ATL: Andrelton Simmons(1), Jason Heyward(2), Freddie Freeman(3)
HR TOR: Jose Bautista(6), Travis d'Arnaud(2)
W: Ross Seaton(2-1 2.77) L: John Cornely(1-1 18.00) SV: Luke Gregerson(6 0.00)
ATL 4 TOR 6 Toronto leads World Series 2-1.
How can I not try to resign Bautista after this playoff performance?

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2015 World Series Game 4

World Series Game 4:
28th October 2015
Atlanta Braves - Toronto Blue Jays @The Skydome

ATL: SP Franklin Morales(L, 0-0 0.00 3IP as RP)
TOR: SP Jhoulys Chacin(R, 1-0 3.06 3GS)

So, they sent out a 29-year old lefty that made 15 regular season starts and appeared only as a reliever in the playoffs so far. He was 4-6 with a 4.23ERA in the regular season and lacks control, but has plenty of good pitches to choose from, throwing 93-95 on his heater.

And Morales did not need to wait long before trouble found him. Bautista, batting second, and Tulo hit two soft singles into left and we had something cooking in the first... until Edwin zipped into a 5-4-3 double play.

He had a similar chance two innings later, bottom third, as Bautista and Tulo unleashed some 2-out terror and singled, before Edwin took the plate... took one good hack... foul... and took four wide ones... bases loaded for Anthony Rizzo. As ever so often, he hammered a deep one to right center... that was caught at the track... game still scoreless.

Meanwhile, Chacin had his A stuff at his disposal and struck out four through three innings before running out of mojo. Anthony Rendon reached on a single in the fourth and stole second. Freeman was still victimized for #5, but Heyward was in the driver seat from the start and took a walk. Things then got hairy when Cespedes hit a laser to left... and Castellanos sacrificed his body to catch that one.

And it was all for naught as Dan Uggla then abused a 0-2 hanging changeup for a 349ft job to left, ATL 3, TOR 0. But, that was not the end of the road as we finally abused Morales for two runs in the bottom half. d'Arnaud legged out a infield hit that Uggla fumbled a bit, Rutledge got hit, a wild pitch and a Lawrie sac made it 3-1 and Borbon singled home another run... but we kinda could've gotten more here...

And we got more in the fifth as Morales ran out of magic tricks and got taken deep by Tulo to tie it at three and a Rizzo walk ended his day... but got stranded and we did the same again with the winning run standing at third base in the sixth.

Chacin's day was over after six and Chamberlain pitched a shaky, but scoreless seventh with the first two runners reaching base. He really started sweating in the bottom seventh though... as Tulo led off the frame with a LOUD triple to left center off today's longman Cody Martin.

And Edwin started the chances off with a popout to second... great. They walked Rizzo intentionally to set up the double play, and Martin, in his third inning of relief, fell 2-0 behind d'Arnaud. And he swung away... ripped... into left... DROPS, ONE RUN IN... RIZZO AROUND SECOND AND INTO THIRD SAFELY! TOR 4 ATL 3!

And Fredi Gonzales pulled out his favorite trick next... bring in John Cornely and his 18.00ERA. This guy must now have nightmares seeing Blue Jays hitters at the plate... and he got out of the inning when Rizzo tried to tag and got thrown out by Cespedes at home...

Chamberlain and Cornely managed to shut down the scoring the next two half innings... so it became Gregerson's game to save... 1-2-3 2K, you may sit down.

SP Jhoulys Chacin 6IP 5H 3R 3ER 1BB 8K
CF Julio Borbon 1-5 RBI
RF Jose Bautista 2-4
SS Troy Tulowitzki 4-4 2R RBI TP HR
DH Edwin Encarnacion 0-3 BB
1B Anthony Rizzo 0-2 2BB
C Travis d'Arnaud 2-4 R RBI
2B Josh Rutledge 1-3 R SB(6)
LF Nick Castellanos 1-4
3B Brett Lawrie 0-3 RBI
HR ATL: Dan Uggla(3)
HR TOR: Troy Tulowitzki(2)
W: Joba Chamberlain(1-2 6.75) L: Cody Martin(0-1 3.86) SV: Luke Gregerson(7 0.00)
ATL 3 TOR 4 Toronto leads World Series 3-1.
We can win the World Series infront of our home crowd tomorrow. This is surreal.
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2015 World Series Game 5

World Series Game 5:
29th October 2015
Atlanta Braves - Toronto Blue Jays @The Skydome

ATL: SP Wade LeBlanc(L, 1-1 2.81 3GS)
TOR: SP Tommy Milone(L, 2-0 1.31 3GS)

But, let's not get ahead of ourselves, we nearly blew the ALCS after a 3-1 lead. Milone pitched a beauty in his last start and we barely won that one 3-0 thanks to some insurance runs off their pen, so no reason to believe that LeBlanc and the Braves will just lay down and die...

Play Ball!

And they played hardball with Milone. B.J. Upton, still hobbling and a late addition to their playoff roster that I completely missed, homered to start the first, and the second kicked off with a soft Cespedes single and a not so soft Dan Uggla RBI-double, his eighth RBI of the postseason.

Castellanos was earning his pay in left today as the next liner also went to left... and into his glove on a spectacular diving catch that made me look away... he was fine. Gattis fanned on four pitches... and the pesky Kyle Russell made it 3-0 with a single to... left field... ATL 3 TOR 0

We had our work cut out for us... and not hits through two and a star right fielder that sacrificed his porcelain body to keep one from flying over his head... and left with a sprained knee that goes nicely with his sprained ankle. So, Jorge Soler replaced Jose Bautista in right.

We then got something cooking with Rutledge getting a walk and Castellanos slashing one up the middle to get runners at the corners... and then, we could not get the ball out of the infield. Lawrie tapped one back to the pitcher that at least got Nick to second, Borbon fanned, and Soler popped out to first base...

A two-run Evan Gattis home run made me book a big hotel room with alot of wodka for games 6 and 7 in Atlanta. ATL 5 TOR 0. Our pen in Boone Logan then allowed two more in the seventh and you can imagine how well our comeback attempt went.

An RBI-single by Rizzo got us one run, good, and a run scoring double play by Edwin got us run number two, but ran us out of a promising sixth inning. Homers by Tulo and d'Arnaud got us into three runs... 7-4, and that was the score going into the bottom of the ninth after two scoreless by Delabar and Hembree.

Cody Gearrin was back at it for his second inning of relief already... and humiliated Rutledge, Castellanos and Lawrie to bring the series back to Atlanta...

SP Tommy Milone 4IP 7H 5R 5ER 1BB 5K
RF Jorge Soler 0-2 R BB
SS Troy Tulowitzki 2-4 R RBI HR
DH Edwin Encarnacion 1-4 R DB
1B Anthony Rizzo 2-4 RBI
C Travis d'Arnaud 1-4 R RBI HR
LF Nick Castellanos 1-4
3B Brett Lawrie 1-4
HR ATL: B.J. Upton(1), Evan Gattis(2)
HR TOR: Troy Tulowitzki(3), Travis d'Arnaud(3)
W: Wade LeBlanc(2-1 3.00) L: Tommy Milone(2-1 2.92) SV: Cody Gearrin(8 0.57)
ATL 7 TOR 4 Toronto leads World Series 3-2.
One of those: "Milone was due for a stinker" day... and so is Henderson in game six so...
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