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Suggestions for Future OOTP Versions Post suggestions for the next version of Out of the Park Baseball here!

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Old 07-30-2019, 05:06 PM   #101
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Weaken/adjust hitters/pitchers, historical games. Would be really nice if you could change them AFTER you create a league. That way, assuming your store your game, if you want to try a different weaken/adjust setting you can just restore your league and change it without going through the whole league creation again.
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Originally Posted by Reed View Post
That digital scorecard would be much more informative than a box score and easier to use that a game log.
Yes! Trying to read a game log is mind numbing.

A score sheet is quickly viewed and easy to understand.

I would definitely look at score sheets from games other than my own to see what happened. I never look at game logs to even attempt to do this. I only look at box scores for games that interest me and, that is a shame. Score sheets would add even more immersion to an already great game IMHO.
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Katsox (07-30-2019)
Old 08-02-2019, 12:43 PM   #103
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Show a scoresheet representation of the game that is being played.
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I really wish I could see right away on the player cared a player's draft information - Year, Round, Overall or not drafted - without having to search for it. I always forget I need to generate a BNN page to see it because I can never seem to find it in a player's general history.

I wish I could see more transaction history per player when I carry a game forward between versions. It seems like I only have five years of transaction history under "Complete History".

Incremental improvement in on-field graphics and animation. I'd like to see more dynamic motions inbetween plays as well as umpires. I'd like to see players run through the bag at first and not disappear. Same goes for the slide at second. Overall, just more realistic on field action.

A dream of mine has been a full 3D ballpark editor with custom walls, foul territory, bleachers, etc.
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mgom27 (08-05-2019)
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I second Transactions History because I have past years Leagues that have no history and they mess up 2019 League by getting rid of History to all guys in that League.
Have like Alexia in Game to tell it to do something like let's say move all guys off 2019 Teams not Drafted to Free-Agent Market or Drafted by the Cardinals to Cardinals that also includes Retired guys.
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Old 08-06-2019, 05:28 PM   #106
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Originally Posted by Calvert98 View Post
What I want for OOTP 21 is sort of what we saw improved in OOTP 20....more 3D improvements, continued development of the game engine, and keep improving the AI (trade, franchise management etc....).

On the 3D, I do think this in particular needs to take another serious step forward at this point. Although I do appreciate the improvements in 20 such as the fact that it is cleaner, more fluid, there are good new animations and so forth, I think the look of the actual player models on the field, and the stadiums need some attention going into 21.
This is pretty big deal for me as well. I love simming games to the 7th inning and then playing the rest of the game of each game for all the important decisions. The graphics in the game have become better and better, but I have the picture in my head of one day playing a historical league with great 3D graphics that immerse us with the stadiums and real players in real uniforms of the day. Maybe it's a bridge to far to expect The Show Level graphics one day, but continued improvements in this are would be great.

Some thoughts to improving the graphics in the meantime:
- Create similar graphics for balls caught at the wall and ball that just make it over the wall for homers. Right now, you can tell by the speed of the ball and the outfielders speed on whether it's going to be a homer right away. I want to be on the edge of my seat.
- Keep runners half way more often, even when the ball is going to fall in. Right now, you know it's going to fall in with a runner on base because they start running before the outfielder gets to the ball. Obviously some will have good reads, but the runners give away the play before you would really know what is going to happen by the play.
- Fix the graphics for close plays and players getting thrown out at bases/plate.
- Fix the tempo of plays in the infield which are rarely smooth and add in coming in plays where players have to throw off one foot.
- Make the ball speed from the pitcher different for soft tosser and off speed vs 100 MPH flamethrowers.
- Allow us to bring back the boxscore mode for the lineups when playing in 3D. I always like to quickly know who was hot in game.
- Create era specific songs and sounds for the games. I'm in 1978 let me hear organs and such vs common things that are heard now in stadiums.
- Make the crowd react better to things that happen on the field as they happen. An explosion of cheering on a long home team home run or maybe mix in some booing when your home team player is struggling.
- Better tempo to steals with closer plays. Currently you know by how hesitant the catcher throws to the base to whether they will be safe of not.
- Different speed of the outfielders/runners to match the speed of the players.
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FSUKegman (08-18-2019), jslmsca (08-10-2019)
Old 08-06-2019, 05:31 PM   #107
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If I could make one major suggestion for statistics it would be to use a Baseball Reference type of standings/statistics display that allows you to keep drilling down to get to the information you want. I would honestly try and capture baseball reference as closely as possible since everyone uses this in real life.
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1) A partnership with MLB The Show (not really but 1-1,000,000 shot)


Actual 1) More in depth Spring Training (cactus/grapefruit, split squad, minor league camps, etc.)
2) MORE DETAILED PARKS. Like, twice the detail of current MLB parks.
3) Better 3D graphics, more jersey slots, pants, facegens with hair/glasses
4) Scouting departments instead of just a director.
5) Better expansion (ex. teams filling their minor leagues years before the MLB team begins play)
6) More in-depth feeders, ex. college scholarships and real eligibility rules.
7) Neutral site games
8) Overhauled financials
9) more stats
10) AI improvements, ex. make trading injured players on the default with AI valuations to match
11) 3 team trades
12) HR Derby, Futures Game, minor league ASGs...
13) Overhauled development/aging
14) Digital scorecard would be really nice.

ALSO, a real career mode. Getting a couple offers from low minors or independent teams etc. and then working your way up realistically. As it is currently, you get promoted way too quickly and get the job whenever you just apply, its too easy.

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FSUKegman (08-18-2019), mgom27 (08-11-2019)
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Buster Cherry
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Definitely a function whereby an owner could sell the club.
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A partnership with ESPN or MLB Network?

Feeder Leagues have Historical guys in it?
Past years Leagues that don't have Player History if load into 2019 don't mess up 2019 League.
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Better minor league stats. In real life the top prospects are the guys tearing up the minor leagues - in OOTP this just doesn't happen. Top prospects in this game progress through the minors hittling like garbage until they eventually they become studs (usually in the majors). It's absurd and has been like this for close to a decade.
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HerbD (08-13-2019), jslmsca (08-17-2019)
Old 08-14-2019, 04:12 PM   #112
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more dynamic and varied story lines
cleaner animation and new animations
audio files that can be customized to each team
new , expanded commentary pbp
ability to add advertising to stadium, walls, etc e.g. Ballantine , Citgo , Gem razors etc
saving files to the cloud ,
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