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Hurkman 02-18-2007 11:36 PM

Alternate NFL Playoff History
Not that long ago (About two weeks, to be exact,) I came in here and saw that The Professor had started up this thread that played alternate Super Bowls if the losers of their respective championship games had won. Well, as I was reading the results that he had posted, an idea popped into my head.

Why not replay every NFL playoff game from the Super Bowl era?

Of course, such a task was almost totally insane, or so I thought. Leave it to me getting sick with the flu for almost a week and missing work, as well as not having the energy to update my OOTP dynasty, and the next thing I know, it's all simmed, saved and written down. So now, since I would be totally freaky if I just did this for myself, I'll be posting what happened here. Some of the results are very, if not totally, the same, while others are so off the wall, you couldn't picture them in your wildest dreams.

So, let's get started down this crazy little road, shall we?

Once again, thanks to The Professor for the inspiration in his thread (I'm not trying to steal your idea, I swear), WhatIfSports.com, which gave me the means and ability to sim and save every game, pro-football-reference.com, for giving me all the extra info and box scores of every game, sportsecyclopedia.com, for giving me most of the player and coach pictures and Chris Creamer's sportslogos.net for the helmet and Super Bowl logos.

Super Bowl Results

Super Bowl I:                Real-Green Bay 35, Kansas City 10        Alternate-Buffalo 19, Dallas 16
Super Bowl II:                Real-Green Bay 33, Oakland 14                Alternate-L.A. Rams 13, Oakland 9
Super Bowl III:                Real-New York Jets 16, Baltimore 7        Alternate-Dallas 21, Oakland 3
Super Bowl IV:                Real-Kansas City 23, Minnesota 7        Alternate-L.A. Rams 19, Kansas City 11
Super Bowl V:                Real-Baltimore 16, Dallas 13                Alternate-Dallas 10, Oakland 7
Super Bowl VI:                Real-Dallas 24, Miami 3                        Alternate-Dallas 26, Baltimore 3
Super Bowl VII:                Real-Miami 14, Washington 7                Alternate-Miami 17, Green Bay 14
Super Bowl VIII:        Real-Miami 24, Minnesota 7                Alternate-L.A. Rams 27, Cincinnati 10
Super Bowl IX:                Real-Pittsburgh 16, Minnesota 6                Alternate-Pittsburgh 24, Washington 0
Super Bowl X:                Real-Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17                Alternate-Pittsburgh 31, L.A. Rams 10
Super Bowl XI:                Real-Oakland 32, Minnesota 14                Alternate-Pittsburgh 13, Dallas 10
Super Bowl XII:                Real-Dallas 27, Denver 10                Alternate-Denver 29, L.A. Rams 14
Super Bowl XIII:        Real-Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31                Alternate-L.A. Rams 17, New England 13
Super Bowl XIV:                Real-Pittsburgh 31, L.A. Rams 19        Alternate-Pittsburgh 15, Tampa Bay 7
Super Bowl XV:                Real-Oakland 27, Philadelphia 10        Alternate-San Diego 23, Philadelphia 0
Super Bowl XVI:                Real-San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21        Alternate-Dallas-24, San Diego-14
Super Bowl XVII:        Real-Washington 27, Miami 17                Alternate-Dallas 31, Pittsburgh-10
Super Bowl XVIII:        Real-L.A. Raiders 38, Washington 9        Alternate-L.A. Raiders 22, Washington 17
Super Bowl XIX:                Real-San Francisco 38, Miami 16                Alternate-San Francisco 27, Denver 20
Super Bowl XX:                Real-Chicago 46, New England 10                Alternate-Chicago 38, Miami 3
Super Bowl XXI:                Real-New York Giants 39, Denver 20        Alternate-San Francisco 28, Cleveland 13
Super Bowl XXII:        Real-Washington 42, Denver 10                Alternate-Cleveland 16, San Francisco 10
Super Bowl XXIII:        Real-San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16        Alternate-Philadelphia 19, Buffalo 10
Super Bowl XXIV                Real-San Francisco 55, Denver 10        Alternate-San Francisco 21, Cleveland 3
Super Bowl XXV:                Real-New York Giants 20, Buffalo 19        Alternate-Buffalo 16, San Francisco 9
Super Bowl XXVI:        Real-Washington 37, Buffalo 24                Alternate-Washington 33, Denver 19
Super Bowl XXVII:        Real-Dallas 52, Buffalo 17                Alternate-Dallas 28, San Diego 24
Super Bowl XXVIII:        Real-Dallas 30, Buffalo 13                Alternate-Pittsburgh 28, Detroit 23
Super Bowl XXIX:        Real-San Francisco 49, San Diego 26        Alternate-San Francisco 20, Pittsburgh 19
Super Bowl XXX:                Real-Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 17                Alternate-San Francisco 14, Kansas City 9
Super Bowl XXXI:        Real-Green Bay 35, New England 21        Alternate-Denver 13, Dallas 12
Super Bowl XXXII:        Real-Denver 31, Green Bay 24                Alternate-Jacksonville 13, San Francisco 10
Super Bowl XXXIII:        Real-Denver 34, Atlanta 19                Alternate-Green Bay 41, Denver 24
Super Bowl XXXIV        Real-St. Louis 23, Tennessee 16                Alternate-Tampa Bay 22, Jacksonville 19/OT
Super Bowl XXXV:        Real-Baltimore 34, New York Giants 7        Alternate-Baltimore 23, St. Louis 3
Super Bowl XXXVI:        Real-New England 20, St. Louis 17        Alternate-Oakland 17, Chicago 10
Super Bowl XXXVII:        Real-Tampa Bay 48, Oakland 21                Alternate-Tampa Bay 35, Cleveland 6
Super Bowl XXXVIII:        Real-New England 32, Carolina 29        Alternate-Dallas 23, Indianapolis 6
Super Bowl XXXIX:        Real-New England 24, Philadelphia 21        Alternate-Philadelphia 38, New York Jets 10
Super Bowl XL:                Real-Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 10                Alternate-Jacksonville 28, Chicago 7
Super Bowl XLI:                Real-Indianapolis 29, Chicago 17        Alternate-Baltimore 17, Chicago 12
Super Bowl XLII:        Real-New York Giants 17, New England 14        Alternate-New England 40, Washington 10
Super Bowl XLIII:        Real-Pittsburgh 27, Arizona 23                Alternate-Carolina 13, Pittsburgh 10
Super Bowl XLIV:        Real-New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17        Alternate-Green Bay 16, Indianapolis 13
Super Bowl XLV:                Real-Green Bay 31,  Pittsburgh 25        Alternate-New York Jets 41, Green Bay 30
Super Bowl XLVI:        Real-New York Giants 21, New England 17        Alternate-Baltimore 17, San Francisco 7
Super Bowl XLVII:        Real-Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31        Alternate-Denver 26, Seattle 20/OT
Super Bowl XLVIII:        Real-Seattle 43, Denver 8                Alternate-Philadelphia 34, Denver 21
Super Bowl XLIX:        Real-New England 28, Seattle 24                Alternate-Green Bay 30, New England 28
Super Bowl 50:                Real-Denver 24, Carolina 10                Alternate-
Super Bowl LI:                Real-New England 34, Atlanta 28/OT        Alternate-

Hurkman 02-19-2007 12:12 AM

1966 AFL Championship: The Road to Super Bowl I
AFL Championship Game

War Memorial Stadium, Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Bills (9-4-1) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (11-2-1)

The first AFL Championship game that would lead to a football world championship was an eagerly contested affair between the two best teams in the league. The Buffalo Bills came in as champions of the AFL the past two seasons, while the Kansas City Chiefs were one of the up and coming teams, with head coach Hank Stram calling the plays for the highest scoring offense in the AFL.

The visiting Chiefs struck first, as quarterback Len Dawson was able to hit running back Curtis McClinton with a ten yard screen pass that capped an 89 yard drive. The Bills would then score with a Booth Lusteg field goal that cut the lead to 4, but then McClinton would scamper in from two yards out with five minutes to go in the half, extending the lead to 14-3.

The Bills received the second half kickoff and came out looking like a different team, as they drove the length of the field in just over four minutes, with Bobby Burnett finishing the drive on a four yard touchdown run. Neither team would score again in the third, but the Bills struck early in the fourth as Wray Carlton added the most important yards of his 141 on the day with a 19 yard burst to the end zone that gave the Bills the lead for the first time.

It did not take long for the Chiefs to recover, however. After leading his team to the Buffalo 30, Dawson managed to make a play out of nothing and scrambled his way into the end zone. With the extra point, Kansas City was again ahead, 21-17. Jack Kemp and Wray Carlton made sure that the lead did not last long, as the two men led the Bills down the field with a lethal mixture of running and passing. When Kemp's 10 yard pass to Elbert Dubenion found its mark, Buffalo was again on top, 24-21.

Kansas City was unable to do anything else with its final two possessions, and the Bills ran out the clock following a missed fourth down conversion with under a minute to go to give them their third AFL title in a row.

Final Score: Buffalo-24 Kansas City-21

Real Life Score: Kansas City-31 Buffalo-7

Hurkman 02-19-2007 12:23 AM

1966 NFL Championship: The Road to Super Bowl I
NFL Championship Game

The Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX

Dallas Cowboys (10-3-1) vs. Green Bay Packers (12-2)

The most important NFL Championship game in history brought together the defending champion Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys, who finished just 7-7 the year before. With the highest scoring offense in the NFL in Dallas going up against Green Bay's tough defense, something had to give, and this time, it was the defense.

Tom Landry's Cowboys controlled the ball for almost two thirds of the game, grinding out 153 rushing yards while keeping Bart Starr and the powerful Green Bay offense off the field. Other than giving up a Don Chandler field goal on Green Bay's first possession, Dallas' defense did not let the Packers into the end zone the rest of the day. Don Meredith guided the Cowboys there with a 12 play, 86 yard drive that finished with a Frank Clarke four yard reception that put Dallas ahead to stay.

Clark would score again in the second quarter on a 25 yard reverse following an excellent Dallas punt return, and after the Packers returned a Meredith interception 21 yards for their only touchdown, the Cowboys went into the locker room leading by four.

Dallas then scored on their first two possessions of the second half, on touchdown runs of 4 yards by Don Perkins and 40 yards by Dan Reeves, to finish of the scoring for the day. Green Bay would get just one more first down the rest of the day in route to a dominating win by the Cowboys as they headed to the first World Championship of professional football.

Final Score: Dallas-28 Green Bay-10

Real Life Score: Green Bay-34 Dallas-27

metsgeek 02-19-2007 12:24 AM

Now this is an AWESOME idea!

I'll be watching :) (and the Jets better win in '69 :D)

marc 02-19-2007 12:26 AM

EXCELLENT. Maybe the Eagles will actually win a Super Bowl. :@@:

Hurkman 02-19-2007 12:46 AM

Super Bowl I
Super Bowl I
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA


Buffalo Bills (9-4-1)

Head Coach: Joe Collier
358 Points Scored
255 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Jack Kemp

Road to the Super Bowl: Defeated Kansas City, 24-21-AFL Championship

Dallas Cowboys (10-3-1)

Head Coach: Tom Landry
445 Points Scored
239 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Don Meredith

Road to the Super Bowl: Defeated Green Bay, 28-10-NFL Championship

The Game

The air was filled with anticipation as the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys faced off for the right to be called world champions of professional football. For the Bills, it was a chance to prove that the upstart AFL could play with the more established NFL. For the Cowboys, the pressure of the NFL was resting squarely on their shoulders.

Nerves did not seem to be a problem for either team as the game got underway, as both managed field goals on their opening possessions. Dallas was able to strike again in the second quarter by using the same running game plan that powered them past Green Bay, and Danny Villanueva's second field goal of the game put the Cowboys up 6-3.

Following a Don Meredith interception, Buffalo was able to put together a scoring drive. Bobby Burnett and Wray Carlton each pounded the ball into the teeth of the Dallas defense, with Burnett doing more damage than the surprisingly ineffective Carlton (13 yards on 11 carries). However, it was Carlton who was on the receiving end of a Jack Kemp three yard rocket for the first touchdown in Super Bowl history. However, Booth Lusteg slipped on the extra point, and the Bills were only ahead 9-6. Dallas was unable to do anything with their next possession, and punted after three plays. The Bills, now filled with confidence, moved down into field goal range, and this time, Lusteg's aim was true, hitting from 49 yards and putting the Bills up 12-6 heading into halftime.

Faced with the embarassing notion of losing to an AFL team, the Cowboys came out in the second half and looked like a different team. Dan Reeves led the rushing attack, while Don Meredith picked up large chunks of yardage through the air. It wasn't long before Reeves came down with a Meredith two yard pass, and with the extra point, Dallas had a slim one point lead. Neither team could score on their next possession, but the Bills were able to get excellent field position following a poor Dallas punt. On the second play of their drive, Bobby Burnett found a hole in Dallas' front and dashed 31 yards to pay dirt and a 19-13 Bills lead.

The Cowboys then embarked on a 67 yard, eight minute drive, but could only get another Villanueva field goal to cut the lead to three. The Bills, who had been dominated in time of possession all game, suddenly came to life and played keep away with the football, stopping Dallas' high scoring offense by not letting them onto the field. Desperation began to set in for the Cowboys, and after two drives that resulted in zero first downs, they had the ball one last time with just 28 seconds to go. However, Meredith could do nothing on four consecutive pass plays, and as his final effort fell to the turf, the gun sounded, giving the championship to Buffalo in possibly the greatest upset in professional sports history.

Final Score: Buffalo-19 Dallas-16

MVP: Bobby Burnett: 17 carries, 122 yards, 3 catches, 84 yards, 1 TD

Hurkman 02-19-2007 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by metsgeek (Post 2060664)
Now this is an AWESOME idea!

I'll be watching :) (and the Jets better win in '69 :D)


Originally Posted by marc (Post 2060665)
EXCELLENT. Maybe the Eagles will actually win a Super Bowl. :@@:

Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to putting all of this up, and I hope everyone enjoys it. The writeups won't always be this long, but with so few games in the playoffs for now, I can put more effort into each one.

As for which teams win what, I won't say anything, other than just keep reading, and you'll just have to wait and see about certain teams.

(Although, being from South Jersey, I can't help but pull for the Eagles, even if it is just a simulation :p)

marc 02-19-2007 12:57 AM

Well atleast we know the Bills won't be the Cowboys bitches this time around.

lewis31lewis52 02-19-2007 01:19 AM

Looks great so far.

Is there any way you could put in the actual scores for the games so we have an idea of what happened, because I have no idea who won these earlier playoff games.

Hurkman 02-19-2007 02:04 AM


Originally Posted by lewis31lewis52 (Post 2060687)
Looks great so far.

Is there any way you could put in the actual scores for the games so we have an idea of what happened, because I have no idea who won these earlier playoff games.

Certainly can. I'll go back and do that now, and then put it in for the games as I go along.

Hurkman 02-19-2007 12:55 PM

1967 AFL Championship: On the Way to Super Bowl II
AFL Championship Game

Oakland-Alameda Stadium, Oakland, CA

Oakland Raiders (13-1) vs. Houston Oilers (9-4-1)

The path to the second AFL/NFL World Championship Game went through Oakland in 1967, as John Rauch's Raiders unleashed a powerful offensive attack that no AFL team could stop. Led on the field by Daryle Lamonica, the Raiders were the picture of team brilliance, losing just once the entire season.

Opposing them would be the Houston Oilers, who had finished in last place in the AFL's Eastern Division just a year before. The team had gone over an almost complete overhaul in the offseason, and with new quarterback Pete Beathard and halfback Hoyle Granger pacing the offense, Houston quickly found themselves in first place. However, it was their highly touted defense that would get the attention from Oakland in the championship, and it was soon obvious that the Oilers were not ready for the spotlight.

Houston would strike first, however, on a Beathard pass to Charley Fraizer to make the score 7-0. It would be the last time the Oilers would visit the end zone all day though, and marked the beginning of the end for Beathard, who finished the game with four costly interceptions. The Raiders were able to strike back quickly, first with a George Blanda field goal to cut the Houston lead to 7-3, then with a Daryle Lamonica pass to Ken Herock that put Oakland on top for good.

The Raiders would again strike, and this time it would be on special teams. Following a Houston punt, Oakland's return unit was able to form a lane wide enough to return the ball 76 yards for another touchdown, making the score 17-7. The Oilers would add a John Wittenborn field goal right before the half to make it a touchdown deficit, but the Raiders would let them get no closer. They controlled the ball for much of the second half, and when Hewritt Dixon plunged in from 2 yards out to start the fourth quarter, Houston's fate was sealed.

The teams traded field goals in the closing minutes, but it was too little, too late for the upstart Oilers, and they watched as the Raiders made their way to the second World Championship of professional football.

Final Score: Oakland-27 Houston-13

Real Life Score: Oakland-40 Houston-7

Hurkman 02-19-2007 01:32 PM

1967 NFL Playoffs: On the Way to Super Bowl II
For the first time in NFL history, four teams were allowed to reach the playoffs, and this meant that a second round of playoff games was needed in order to reach the World Championship.

NFL Divisional Playoffs

Green Bay Packers (9-4-1) vs. Los Angeles Rams (11-1-2)
Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI

Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers, still smarting from their defeat in the NFL Championship just one year ago, played host to the powerhouse Los Angeles Rams, who were the highest scoring team in the NFL, as well as the most difficult team to score against. Led on offense by quarterback Roman Gabriel and on defense by the Fearsome Foursome, the Rams had their way with the NFL during the regular season, and would continue to do so on this day.

When Les Josephson opened the scoring in the second quarter with a 9 yard run, the Rams had a lead that they would not give up. Linebacker Jack Pardee intercepted Bart Starr twice, and backup quarterback Zeke Bratkowski once, while the Rams held the Packers to just seven first downs on the day.

Los Angeles controlled the clock almost at will, and kept the Packers off the scoreboard the entire day. Halfback Dick Bass added the final blow with a two yard touchdown run in the final two minutes to cap the scoring on a game that wasn't nearly as close as the final score indicated.

Final Score: Los Angeles-14 Green Bay-0

Real Life Score: Green Bay-28 Los Angeles-7

Dallas Cowboys (9-5) vs. Cleveland Browns (9-5)
The Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX

The defending NFL Champion Dallas Cowboys were out to prove that their loss to the Buffalo Bills in last season's World Championship game was nothing but a fluke, and with a team that had all of its key players back for another season, they were almost there. The Cleveland Browns had finished third behind the Cowboys last season, but thanks to the new division allignments, they were moved out of Dallas' division and into the Century Division. Quarterback Frank Ryan, halfback Leroy Kelly and high flying wide receiver Paul Warfield formed an outstanding core group of players for coach Blanton Collier, and they would all be needed when they faced the Cowboys.

Kelly was able to connect with the first blow on a 3 yard swing pass from Ryan early in the first quarter. The second quarter belonged to Don Meredith and the Cowboys, however. First, Meredith hit "Bullet" Bob Hayes with an 11 yard pass to tie the game then with just nine seconds to go in the half, Meredith was able to find Lance Rentzel across the middle of the field, and he streaked to the end zone for a 77 yard touchdown that put Dallas ahead.

After neither team could score in the third, Dallas began handing the ball off to Don Perkins (17 carries, 116 yards) in an attempt to run out the clock. What they got in addition to that was an insurance field goal to put them up 17-7. The Browns again found the end zone with just over two minutes to play when Ryan hit Kelly again, making it a three point game. However, Dallas would not give the ball up again, and Don Perkins gained enough yards for the Cowboys to run out the clock and head to their second straight NFL Championship.

Final Score: Dallas-17 Cleveland-14

Real Life Score: Dallas-52 Cleveland-14

NFL Championship Game

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Rams (11-1-2) vs. Dallas Cowboys (9-5)

Dallas' second straight trip to the NFL Championship looked more like a complete mismatch, especially considering Los Angeles' 35-13 beating of the Cowboys in Dallas earlier this season. However, the Rams knew that Dallas could not be taken lightly, and they came out with the same fire that they had last week when they knocked off the Packers.

Just the game against Green Bay, Los Angeles was able to control the ball for large portions of the game and even if they did not put points on the board, they knew they were tiring Dallas' defense. Dick Bass struck first for the Rams, coming down with a one yard pass from Roman Gabriel midway through the first quarter to give Los Angeles a 7-0 lead. Don Meredith never could get going in this game and was intercepted twice. The second of those interceptions resulted in a short field for the Rams, and Les Josephson made Dallas pay with a 28 yard burst up the middle and into the end zone. The only good that came out of the first half for Dallas was a field goal as time expired, making the score 14-3 at the half.

Mel Renfro helped the Cowboys get on track at the start of the third quarter, intercepting a Gabriel pass that gave Dallas the ball at the Rams 35. After making their way down to the goal line, Walt Garrison scored on his only carry of the day to put the Cowboys within four points at 14-10. Dallas would get no closer as the Rams answered right back with a touchdown pass from Gabriel to wide out Billy Truax that made the score 21-10 in favor of the Rams.

Dallas' last chance was a field goal attempt that bounced off the upright, and when the Rams got the ball back with 7:15 to go, they would never give it back to the Cowboys. Their ball control offense allowed the Rams to run out the clock, ending Dallas' hopes of reaching their second straight World Championship game.

Final Score: Los Angeles-21 Dallas-10

Real Life Score (In Green Bay): Green Bay-21 Dallas-17 (The Ice Bowl)

Hurkman 02-19-2007 03:27 PM

Super Bowl II
Super Bowl II

Oakland Raiders (13-1)

Head Coach: John Rauch
468 Points Scored
233 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Daryle Lamonica

Road to the Super Bowl:
Defeated Houston, 27-13-AFL Championship

Los Angeles Rams (11-1-2)

Head Coach: George Allen
398 Points Scored
196 Points Allowed

Starting Quarterback: Roman Gabriel

Road to the Super Bowl:
Defeated Green Bay, 14-0-NFL Divisional Playoffs
Defeated Dallas, 21-10-NFL Championship

The Game

For the second straight year, the NFL and the AFL squared off to determine a world champion of professional football. This time around, however, the NFL was not taking the AFL so lightly and was looking to reclaim some of it's lost dignity. The Los Angeles Rams had Roman Gabriel and the Fearsome Foursome ready to lay waste to Oakland, while the Raiders countered with AFL MVP Daryle Lamonica and one of the best all around defenses in the upstart league.

It was the defenses that would come to play during this game, as neither team could score on their first two possessions. Finally, as the first quarter wound down, Gabriel led the Rams down the field to the Oakland ten. The drive stalled there, however, and the Rams were forced to settle for a Bruce Gossett field goal for the first points of the game.

Oakland would not need long to respond. As his line collapsed under the tremendous force of the Fearsome Foursome, Lamonica found some daylight and, passing through a sea of defenders, scrambled for a 61 yard gain. Three plays later, George Blanda's 33 yard field goal knotted the score at 3-3. Neither team could score again, and the championship game went to the half tied at three.

The Raiders received the ball to start the second half, and finally started to find some holes in Los Angeles' mighty line. Lamonica started to use short passes to his backs and receivers to make his way down the field. Eventually, the Rams tightened up, and Blanda was brought back out for another field goal, giving the Raiders the lead. The Rams would need only three plays though, to make sure that the Raiders would never lead again. Halfback Les Josephson caught a ten yard pass from Gabriel and turned up the sideline, refusing to stop until he reached the end zone. The 61 yard play gave the Rams a 10-6 lead that they now had to make stand up to Oakland's attacks.

It did not take long for Lamonica to get the Raiders in a position to score. on Oakland's third play of their next possession, he hit receiver Fred Biletnikoff in stride for a 32 yard gain, putting the Raiders in field goal range yet again. As they could get no closer, a field goal is exactly what they settled for, pushing the score to 10-9 heading into the final quarter.

In the fourth quarter, defense again reigned supreme. Los Angeles started with the ball in Oakland territory, but could not get it into the end zone for a game clinching touchdown. Instead, the Rams had to settle for a field goal and a four point lead. On Oakland's next possession, linebacker Jack Pardee intercepted Lamonica, ending a potential scoring drive. On Oakland's next drive, they made their way to the Los Angeles 36, but decided to go for it on fourth down and failed to convert, giving the ball back to the Rams with just two minutes to play. However, after allowing one Ram first down into their territory, Oakland was able to stop the Rams, and after Bruce Gossett missed a field goal attempt, the Raiders had one last chance to win the game.

The Fearsome Foursome had trouble getting to Lamonica all day, but on this final drive, the group found a way to break through Oakland's tough offensive line, pressuring Lamonica into incomplete passes on both first and second down, and forcing him to settle for a five yard sideline route on third down. On fourth down, rookie defensive lineman Diron Talbert came crashing through the line and sacked Lamonica, giving the ball back to Los Angeles and ending any hope of a Raider win. Gabriel ran out the clock, and the Rams were champions of football.

Final Score: Los Angeles-13 Oakland-9

MVP: Les Josephson: 13 carries, 56 yards, 2 catches, 66 yards, 1 TD

metsgeek 02-19-2007 03:48 PM

Great so far....my fingers are crossed for Super Bowl III

I may have to run something like this for my own personal satisfaction.

Astros33Resurrected 02-19-2007 05:25 PM

Great idea!

kenyan_cheena 02-19-2007 06:23 PM

Nice thread, Hurkman. Just a reminder to all NFL fans that I'm still doing my NFL dynasty, also using whatifsports. I'm currently in week nine of the '83 season and you can just click on the link in my signature if you're interested in having a look.

JayCobb 02-19-2007 10:15 PM

After reading what Hurkman and the Professor are doing, I decided to run my own tourney, using every team from the Superbowl era. I am a long-time user on whatifsports but I haven't really tried the football sim. Anyway, I will be posting results from my tourney soon (after I finish setting it up). Good luck Hurkman!

lewis31lewis52 02-20-2007 02:18 AM

Looking good, Hurkman!

Lets see, its only a little longer until my Ravens appear! ;)

magnet 02-20-2007 02:34 AM


Lets see the Vikes do better than 0-4 in the Super Bowl!

Hurkman 02-20-2007 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by kenyan_cheena (Post 2061661)
Nice thread, Hurkman. Just a reminder to all NFL fans that I'm still doing my NFL dynasty, also using whatifsports. I'm currently in week nine of the '83 season and you can just click on the link in my signature if you're interested in having a look.


Originally Posted by JayCobb (Post 2061940)
After reading what Hurkman and the Professor are doing, I decided to run my own tourney, using every team from the Superbowl era. I am a long-time user on whatifsports but I haven't really tried the football sim. Anyway, I will be posting results from my tourney soon (after I finish setting it up). Good luck Hurkman!

Thanks kenyan. I've checked you NFL dynasty out, it's good work.

Jay, I've just started reading yours, and just the sheer number of teams is mind boggling! Thanks for the support, and good luck with yours!

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