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TBCB Inside the Ropes Your game and fantasy fights

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Old 01-02-2003, 01:00 AM   #1 (permalink)
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80's Boxing Scenario

Hi, I've decided to use my free time into doing something fun: a scenario with Title fight. I think my report will hopefully explain everything!

Oh yeah, these are the actual fights that occured August 31, 1984 ... I decided not to simulate this date:

David Bey UD12 Greg Page
Pinklon Thomas UD12 Tim Witherspoon
Mitch Green TKO6 Sammy Scaff
Mike Weaver KO7 Billy Joe Thomas
Michael Doaks W10 Mike Jameson

80's Heavyweight Boxing Scenario:

Starting Date: September 1st, 1984


1. Larry Holmes 45-0 (32) IBF Heavyweight Champion
2. Gerrie Coetzee 29-3-1 (17) WBA Heavyweight Champion
3. Pinklon Thomas 25-0-1 (19) WBC Heavyweight Champion
4. Michael Doaks 27-1-2 (14)
5. Mike Weaver 26-10-1 (18)
6. Tim Witherspoon 18-2 (12)
6. David Bey 14-0 (11)
7. Greg Page 23-3 (18)
8. Tervor Berbick 26-4-1 (20)
9. James Smith 14-1 (12)
10. John Tate 30-2 (22)
11. Frank Bruno 21-1 (21)
12. Tex Cobb 24-3 (18)
13. Lucien Rodriguez 38-8-1 (20)
14. Carl Williams 15-0 (12)
15. Alfredo Evangelista 51-8-4 (35)

Other fighters to look out for: Stephan Tangstad, Buster Douglas, Tony Tucker, James Broad

Title Situation:

As you can probably tell, Larry Holmes is currently the IBF heavyweight champion. At 45-0, he is regarded as the "true" champion of the division. Holmes won the WBC version of the heavyweight crown over Ken Norton in 1978. Last year, Holmes decided to vacant the WBC belt, and instead fight for the IBF title against Marvis Frazier. On November 25, 1983, Holmes easily stopped the inexperienced Frazier in one round, and has not fought since. Holmes is expected to defend his crown at the end of the year, possibly against Michael Doaks or James Smith. Despite the fact that Holmes has dominated the heavyweight divison for more than five years, boxing experts have questioned if his age (35) will become a big factor in the future. Also, Holmes has been off for ten months. Will his age and possible ring rust pose as a burden when Holmes makes his return? Stay tuned.

The WBA title belongs to South Africa's Gerrie Coetzee. Coetzee won the title on September 23, 1983 against Michael Dokes. The win was quite an upset, but Coetzee has done nothing to build off of it. In responce, WBA has ordered him to fight #1 contender David Bey in 90 days. David Bey boosted himself in the #1 position with a twelve round win over Greg Page that took place less than 24 hours ago.

Finally, the WBC title belongs to Pinklon Thomas. Thomas hasn't been the champ for too long, just about 24 hours now. He scored a twelve round win over Tim Witherspoon, which also surprised several boxing experts. Witherspoon has impressed many boxing fans with his performance against Larry Holmes, and seemed to be the favorite against Thomas. Witherspoon didn't seem to have his usual flare, and Thomas was able to take advantage.

MAJOR FIGHT CARD (Occur every Simulated Saturday)
At Bally's Park Place, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
September 1, 1984

Trevor Berbick 26-4-1 (20) vs. John Tate 30-2 (22)
12 Rounds

Scott Frank 21-1-1 (14) vs. Donnie Long 13-2 (8)
8 Rounds

Jesse Ferguson 8-0 (7) vs. Danny Sutton 21-7 (16)
8 Rounds

Reggie Gross 14-2 (10) vs. Rick Kellar 14-8-1 (10)
6 Rounds

Jose Ribalta 18-1 (13) vs. John Dino Dennis 44-5-1 (19)
6 Rounds

Bert Cooper (Pro Debut) vs. Kenneth Bentley (2-8)
4 Rounds

On tonight's card, two heavyweight contenders will try to get one step closer to another shot at the heavyweight crown. Trevor Berbick of Canada will battle John Tate in a twelve round, non-title fight. Tate is a former world champion looking at another possible shot against Mike Weaver. Berbick fought Larry Holmes for a title back in 1981, and has been looking on the outside ever since. Look for both men to give it their all, as they both understand that it's a make or break situation.

On the undercard, Scott Frank fights for the first time since losing to Larry Holmes against little-known Donnie Long. Heavyweight prospects Jesse Ferguson and Jose Ribalta will both be in action. Also, Bert Cooper will make his professional debut.

I'll post the results of this card in a moment
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Tate stops Berbick in 12 Rounds in a Thriller

John Tate defeated Trevor Berbick by TKO 2:51 into round 12. Berbick was down three times; Tate lost three points for fouls. The complete report:

John Tate controlled round one with his jab, and was able to catch Berbick by surprise with a well-placed hook. Berbick returned the favor in round two. This time Tate was stunned several times by a pair of Berbick right hands. Both men made it clear that they'd have to work hard if the wanted to win this battle.

Tate came out firing in round three, and once again stunned Berbick with a hook. After landing with an uppercut, Tate let his emotions get the best of him when he hit on the break. Surprisingly, referee Wayne Kelly took a point away from Tate. Tate absolutely dominated round three, and it would be fair to make it 9-9 or even 9-8 for Tate. Berbick took over in round four, by using his jab and landing constantly with the hook. Tate tried to make it close by landing an uppercut with about thirty seconds left, but Berbick landed the cleaner shots to take the round. After four rounds, the fight was looking like a contender for fight of the year. Neither man had established any control so far.

Round five featured Tate starting off well, scoring with a few combinations. Tate made another costly mistake when Wayne Kelly took another point away for hitting with an open glove. Tate's corner howled in rage as the ref's strange decision. Berbick came back by forcing Tate up against the ropes, and pounding away to the body. Towards the end of the round, both men clashed heads. Berbick seemed to stumble around the ring, but still tired to come forward at Tate. It ended up being a bad decision, as Tate landed a picture-perfect hook that placed Berbick on his back. Berbick got up at two, as the crowd cheered the amazing effort put forth between these two fighters. Another round for Tate 9-8, but it could be 9-9. Rounds six and seven were both clearly Tate's. John was able to land his power shots at will against Berbick, who suddenly become gun-shy. It was the first point in the fight where one of the fighters was clearly ahead.

The eight round featured both fighters starting to slow down. Berbick was able to finally get Tate to fight at his pace, and he was able to do some good work on the inside. A close round, but Berbick takes it 10-9. Tate was able to turn the tide in round nine, and continue to land his best punch: the uppercut.

Tate continued to pile up the points in round ten, when he dropped Berbick with a quick combination. Berbick gets up at the count of three, and proceeds to clinch. Berbick is able to survive, and Tate gets another 10-8 round. In round 11, Tate lost another point for holding and hitting. To be honest, the point deductions are the only thing keeping Berbick in the fight. Tate is able to smother Berbick's attempt at a big hook. 9-9 Round.

In the final round, Berbick came right at Tate in a desperation attempt. Tate landed a crushed right hand that put Berbick down to one knee. Berbick got up at the count of eight, but Tate continued to pile on the pressure. After another vicious combination, the referee stopped the fight with nine seconds remaining. Tate's corner lifted him up and around the ring, while the medics went to Berbick's corner to check up on him. A great win for Tate, probably one of his most dominating performances. Scores at stoppage: 105-100, 104-99, 104-100.

Also in action tonight:

Scott Frank (22-1-1) made a successful return to the ring with a UD over Donnie Long (13-3). Frank dropped Long in round six. Scoring: 79-72, 79-72, 79-73.

Jesse Ferguson upped his record to 9-0 with a UD over Danny Sutton (21-8). Ferguson dropped Sutton in round four, and never looked back. Scoring: 79-72, 79-73, 79-72.

Rick Kellar (15-8-1) knocked down Reggie Gross (14-3) twice en route to a six round unanimous decision. Scoring: 58-54, 58-55, 58-54.

Jose Ribalta improved to 19-1 with a third round knockout of John Dino Dennis, who fell to 44-6-1 and should consider retirement.

The first fight of tonight's card featured Bert Cooper making his pro debut against 2-9 Ken Bentley. The newcomer looked impressive as he knocked Bentley out in the third round. The only flaw with Cooper is his defense, as he allowed Bentley to land some punches that were clearly telegraphed.
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This shapes up as an interesting thread, I really like the idea of picking things up as they actually were and then letting history play out, I will be following this closely, good job on the fight reports too!!

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I agree with Lee. Fascinating stuff and very interesting reading. I can't wait for the new product to come out. It will make doing replays like this so much easier. Also, reading these concise reports give us more and more ideas about tweaking the simulation here and there.

Thanks all!
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September 8, 2002
Rodriguez to Defend the European Heavyweight Title against Tangstad

This weekend, Lucien Rodriguez is set to defend his European title against unbeaten Stephan Tangstad at the Kolding Hallen in Kolding, Denmark.

Rodriguez has held the belt since 1981, and has made six defences, all while losing to Larry Holmes in between. Rodriguez would love another shot at Holmes, but he'll have to fight Tangstad on the road first. Stephan Tangstad sports a nice 22-0-2 record, but critics have questioned his level of opposition. His best win to date was a ten round decision over Joe Bugner. Rodriguez, meanwhile, has wins over some of the better fighters in Europe (Alfredo Evangelista, Albert Syben, David Pearce, etc). Tangstad will have the benefit of fighting in front of his home crowd, but he will be taking a gigantic leap in competition against Rodriguez tonight.

The co-main event will feature Albert Syben fighting Alfredo Evangelista in a ten round battle. Both fighters desperately need a win if they want to continue to be a force on the European circuit. Evangelista is the favorite coming in, as Syben has been knocked out in two consecutive fights.

Complete Card:

Lucien Rodriguez 38-8-1 (20) vs. Stephan Tangstad 22-0-2 (13)
12 Rounds, European Heavyweight Title

Alfredo Evangelista 51-8-4 (35) vs. Albert Syben 35-6-2 (16)
10 Rounds

Andres Eklund 7-2-1 (3) vs. Abdul Muhayman 18-5 (12)
10 Rounds

Razor Ruddock 7-0-1 (3) vs. Mike White 13-6-1 (10)
8 Rounds

Other various fights this weekend:

Leon Spinks vs. Bobby Crabtree
Michael Greer vs. Frankie Hines
Gerry Cooney (In his return to the ring) vs. Lupe Guerra
Tony Anthony vs. Scott LeDeux
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Tangstad Stuns Rodriguez!

Steffan Tangstad became the new European Heavyweight Champion with a twelve round unanimous decision, which featured both fighters having their moments.

Rodriguez clearly won round one after landing a nice lead right/left hook combination that clearly got Tangstad's attention. It would be the only major sequence of punches in the round, but it was enough for Rodriguez to grab the round. Stephan won round two by fighting on the inside, and picking off Rodriguez's short hooks with his jab. Tangstad had an even better round three. When Stephan got inside to land the uppercut, Rodriguez found himself unable to get out of the way. While Rodriguez was able to catch Stephan walking in, he couldn't land any significant punches when both fighters were close together.

Tangstad took the mid rounds by using his uppercut once again. Rodriguez seemed unsure of how to respond to getting hit so often on the inside. As the rounds progressed, ringside observers could tell that Lucien was getting sloppier with his punch selection.

Rodriguez finally woke up in round seven. Rodriguez was able to catch Tangstad with a clean left hook at the beginning of the round, which allowed him to do some nice body work for the final two minutes. Tangstad seemed sluggish after Rodriguez landed a stiff combination at the end of the round. Though Tangstad had been doing a much better job in this fight, this ringside reporter had it 67-66. Rodriguez's work in rounds 1, 4, and 7 allowed him to stay in this fight.

Jumping ahead to round 10, Tangstad finally took the clear lead when he dropped Rodriguez with a short right hand that came out of nowhere. After an uneventful round eight and nine, the crowd was pumped to see their hometown fighter getting one step closer towards the title. Rodriguez survived the round, but it was going to be a challenge to win on points without a huge knockdown. I had it 96-94 after 10.

Both fighters slowed down consderably in round 11 and 12, as nothing even remotely important landed. Both men clinched against the ropes, seemingly waiting for the fight to end. Despite the lackluster ending, it was clear that Tangstad had pulled out a victor. This reporter had the fight scored 116-114 for Tangstad.

In the end, Tangstad would be the victor by a Unanimous decision by the scores of 116-113, 116-113, and 116-115. The Danish crowd roared in delight as the new champion was presented with his title. Tangstad will almost certainly be ranked in the top 15 with this victory, and I think it's fair to say that he is 2 or 3 fights away from a possible title shot.

In the co-feature, Alfredo Evangelista knocked out Albert Syben in round eight. Syben was game, but Alfredo was just too fast and too strong. Evangelista dominated the entire fight, and knocked out the exausted Syben with a body shot. For Evangelista, the win hopefully puts him in title for a shot at the European title. As for Syben, it is obvious his best days are far behind him.

Andres Eklund 8-2-1 (4) knocked down Abdul Muhayman 18-6 (12) in round one, and finished him off with a crushing knockout in round four.

Also, Razor Ruddock 8-0-1 (3) UD6 Mike White 13-7-1 (10)

In other fights this weekend:

Tony Anthony TKO3 Scott LeDoux
Gerry Cooney TKO7 Lupe Guerra
Michael Greer KO1 Frankie Hines
Leon Spinks UD8 Bobby Crabtree
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