MLB Manager is the portable (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad/Android) version of Out of the Park Baseball, the best baseball management game ever created! Take over your favorite team and guide it to glory. Trade players, set your lineups and pitching staff, negotiate contracts with free agents, draft prospects, call the shots from the dugout, and much more. MLB Manager is the ultimate baseball experience on the go!


  • Manage your favorite MLB team, with full Opening Day rosters, including top minor league prospects
  • Every historical season from 1901 through 2014 is available as an in-app purchase for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, with authentic logos (In-app purchases will be added to Android in a later update)
  • Examine tons of stats, including Sabermetric ones like wOBA, OPS+, BABIP, and more
  • Watch players' careers evolve in realistic arcs
  • Create fictional leagues based on pre-created setups


  • Shop a Player: Up to three times a day, shop a player around and field offers from other GMs.
  • Simulate to date X: Simulate ahead to a specific date. A new Don't Disturb feature enables uninterrupted long-term simulations.
  • Player shortlist: Add players whose careers you want to track to the shortlist.
  • Career stats leader boards: Every player with at least 10 years of experience is eligible for inclusion on the career leader boards for home runs, strikeouts, and more.
  • Improved in-game subs: View the current game situation when subbing a player.

Reviews MLB MANAGER 2016


"Still the best baseball sim on mobile."

Fake Pigskin

"The OOTP guys have really knocked the ball out the park with this release."

Yankees Unscripted

"If you love baseball sims, there isn't one better than MLB Manager 2016."


"A great app for any hardcore fan of the game."

Phones Review

"The game to get if you love or have longed for a great mobile baseball simulator."

Games Reviewer

4/5: "With plenty of replay value and in-depth gameplay, this baseball game hits it deep."

Total number of reviews for MLB MANAGER 2016 is 6

Reviews MLB MANAGER 2015


MLB Manager 2015 is "a compact home run"

Touch Arcade

4/5 stars: "MLB Manager 2015 is a solid game that can provide killer value."

Pasta Padre

MLB Manager 2015 is "deep and immersive."

It's Pronounced Lajaway

9/10: MLB Manager 2015 is a "top-notch experience."

App Trigger

MLB Manager 2015 is "the finest sports sim of any kind you can play on the go right now."

148 Apps

4/5 stars: "MLB Manager 2015 is as strong as ever."

Operation Sports

8.5/10: "This game is worth every penny."

Camden Depot

MLB Manager 2015 "is a godsend."

Wahoo's on First

MLB Manager 2015 "is fantastic."

App Review Central

4.5/5 stars: "MLB Manager is a great baseball simulation game."

The App Zine

4.5/5 stars: "The virtual journey to the World Series is as exciting, diverse, and satisfying as ever."

GM Games



"Every serious baseball fan needs to get their hands on MLB Manager 2015."

The Warning Sign

8/10: "For baseball enthusiasts looking to get their fix on the go, MLB Manager 15 is hard to beat."

The Florida Post

"There is no better simulation game out there for mobile," writes Jonathan Mitchell.


MLB Manager 2015 "does everything you need in a baseball game short of you actually swinging the bat or throwing the pitch itself."

Games Reviewer

4/5 stars: "You are absolutely going to fall in love with MLB Manager 2015."

Android Community

"MLB Manager 2015 is a baseball fan's dream managing app."

Total number of reviews for MLB MANAGER 2015 is 18