OOTP 13 - The Road To Release, Part 3:
A Bucket of Screenshots

What would Road to Release be without the obligatory screenshot round-up? John Rodriguez, also known as "Corsairs" on OOTP's forum, snapped some shots from the perspective of his epic OOTP online league, the Planetary Extreme Baseball Alliance (PEBA), and its sister organization, the League of the Rising Sun (LRS). Let's look at some of OOTP 13's as-yet-unseen screens from a PEBA point of view.

Creating a League Association

League Associations are one of OOTP 13's cool new features that lets you put different leagues under one umbrella, sharing playoffs, rules, and more. Here, John sets up an association with PEBA and LRS:

The main setup screen displays all the options available to customize the Association.

The playoffs for the Association are straightforward, but one can see the expanded realm of options that are now available.

Once setup is complete, you can review the details of the Association at any time. Here John has chosen to associate the PEBA and the LRS together into a "Leagues of the PEBA" association.

Expanded Playoffs and League Expansion Wizard

Customizable playoffs are another key part of OOTP 13. Here's that feature in action:

As with association playoffs, the expanded playoff options increase the scope and options of playoff qualifiers.

And here's the updated Expansion Wizard that lets you easily expand your league:

New options on this dialog include the ability to protect players with a certain minimum level of service time and a limit on the number of picks taken from any single team.

New Manager Home Screen

Many screens have been redesigned, including the new Manager Home Screen, which puts the most important information at your fingertips. Here's a look at John's welcome screen. League Commissioners apparently have a lot to do.

In-Game Reports

You might have heard that HTML reports have been replaced inside the game with new native versions of the reports. Here's a quick peek at one of those report screens from the PEBAverse.

In-Game Screen

We have redesigned the in-game screen in OOTP 13, replacing the default and widget views with an improved widget-based view called "BNN Broadcast". The main attraction of this screen is that it (optionally) automatically adjusts to your current screen resolution, resulting in a much cleaner look than the previous widget screen in previous versions. Of course, you may still opt to set up the screen in any way you like, moving the widgets around and selecting different size options.

The Out of Town Scores Widget has gained a new size setting, when set to maximum it displays the complete info available from the Real-Time Simulation Mode.

Here are a few examples, using different screen resolutions:

1024 x 768:

1280 x 1024:

1920 x 1200:


We hope you enjoyed this quick peek into some of the as-yet-unseen screen from OOTP 13. Watch for more in-depth descriptions of some of these screens in an upcoming Road to Release article soon.

OOTP 13 puts a host of new tools, a redesigned and improved user interface and countless functional improvements all under your control so you can mold and shape your mega-million-dollar major league franchise or small market independent start-up to its maximum potential. The game is truly yours for the taking, so come play it your way!

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