OOTP 13 - The Road To Release, Part 4:
Feature Cornucopia

The latest version of OOTP brings with it the promise of new features, much like the way a new baseball season brings with it the promise that any team could win the World Series. We've already covered some major new features in OOTP 13 -- the real-time sim mode, associations, expanded playoff options, the new in-game screens and the revamped user interface -- so now let's dive into the cornucopia of other new features in the game.

Screenshots taken use the second skin that comes with the game, it is called "OOTP 13 Dark". The game will come with a third skin, which will be a classic skin with a wooden look. We will have a look at it in one of the next RTR articles.

Smarter Trading AI

Have you ever worked out a trade against the AI in a solo league that was, let's say, a little one-sided in your favor? Say, like getting Albert Pujols for ten Single A scrubs with no major league potential whatsoever? Or whitewashing the AI for several three- and four-star players for a decent A-Ball prospect, several nobody veterans and loads of cash? Or tricking the AI into taking your overpaid 38-year-old veteran because it asked for a one-star Single A prospect after you used the "Make this work" option?

Well, we hope you enjoyed the fruits of those deals, because those days are over.

In OOTP 13, Trading has been dramatically revamped to provide a better system for the AI to evaluate the players involved in a trade and correctly measure their value. This brings a new level of trading realism and difficulty. You'll need to really work hard and be a smart negotiator to pull off that blockbuster, once-in-generation deal.

Did you see Moneyball? Billy Beane had to work to pull off even a simple one-for-one trade, and now so will you.

Random Historical Player Debut

Can you imagine a match-up between Cy Young and Roger Clemens? Or Babe Ruth squaring off against the Big Unit? Then get ready for the new Random Historical Debut feature in OOTP 13. This feature will allow you to fill your draft pools with the best players from baseball's past, all randomly appearing throughout your league's history. Will this year's draft feature Honus Wagner, Wade Boggs, or Prince Fielder?

But this doesn't only apply to the rookie draft! You can create a historical league filled with random players from scratch as well. Who will be available in the inaugural draft? A 28-year old Ty Cobb maybe, or a 22-year old Tim Lincecum? Who will be the first overall pick? Of yourse, you may start with random rosters as well if you do not want to run the inaugural draft.

The new historical random debut feature is a great new way to experience historical leagues like never before. Even if you are not into historical leagues at all you should give this a try, it is a lot of fun and you will learn more about the history of the game and its players, both the great and the unkown.

Additional Enhancements

In addition to the exciting new features we just covered, here are some of the other great new additions and improvements in OOTP 13:

  • Expansion drafts have received additional options and UI enhancements
  • Revamped pitching engine, creating more realistic players out of high school & college
  • Improved player development engine for more realistic pitcher development
  • Improved fictional player creation engine, for example featuring more realistic defensive ratings
  • Greater statistical accuracy in historical simulations
  • Added an option to alert the GM on minor league injuries as well
  • Improved the AI throughout the game
  • View cities listed under the Nation List screen on Google maps with just a single click
  • Map the locations of your favorite teams and players' cities of birth using Google Earth
  • New Player Profile enhancements, for example splitting up the player awards and histories in several categories
  • News items can now feature images
  • ...and more! We have added so many new features & tweaks, we can't even remember every single one of them. So, you'll probably find a few gems when you try out OOTP 13 on your own!

OOTP users have asked for AI improvements, League Associations, more playoff options, and additional historical features, and OOTP 13 delivers all of those and much, much more! It puts a host of new tools, a redesigned user interface and countless functional improvements under your control so you can mold and shape your mega-million-dollar major league franchise or small market independent start-up to to its maximum potential. The game is truly yours for the making. Come play it your way!

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