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OOTP 13 - The Road To Release, Part 6:
Major League Rosters: Everything You Want
in a Roster Set (Plus So Much More)

Rosters and their features in Out of the Park Baseball haven't changed terribly much over the years. Rating systems may change, some sets have extra prospect ratings, but for the most part, roster sets have remained fairly static.

This year, that all changes. We're happy to announce a set of features in OOTP13 that we think will delight the community, especially those of you who love to play with authentic players and teams.

More ratings than ever before

Players have gotten a hands-on approach this year, more so than in any set in the past. We've made sure any player with major league experience has had every rating touched, whether it is his fielding, pitch types (and strengths), hitting ability, pitching ability or injury rating. Contracts are detailed down the smallest point, such as players earning $25,000 for winning Gold Gloves.

Additionally, past the typical guys such as Adrian Gonzalez, and the not-so-typical guys such as Mike Aviles, our roster team has been hard at work on the fringe minor leaguers. That 34 year-old Triple-A slugger looking for his shot at a cup of coffee in the Majors? Yeah, we've got him covered too.

We think you'll find yourself immersed with this roster set, and presented with many of the challenges that real life General Managers are facing every day.

Minor league statistics

An issue with roster sets in the past has been the sterile nature of the statistics. As you progressed in your league and your players accumulated minor league statistics, there were none previous to your current year's numbers to compare them to. It was as if every minor leaguer was playing their first year in professional baseball.

One of the biggest things we're proud to announce this year is the addition of full minor league statistics. Wondering what Jarrod Parker did last year in Double-A for Mobile? No need to run to Baseball Reference any longer; those statistics are all included in player profiles.

We believe this should add an enormous benefit for MLB leagues and give a boost to realism with a feature that hasn't existed in a roster set before.

History of the game

Although this has gotten a brief addition in previous roster sets, OOTP13 will come with full histories for players in both the major and minor leagues.

You'll find the level of detail remarkable. Not only are contracts, player trades and awards included in each player's individual history, but player's draft slots are included, awards earned in college and high school, and other news are included.

As with minor league statistics, we wanted anyone firing up a 2012 league to feel as if they were adding onto an already existing league's history (since that's what you are doing after all!), not just starting from scratch.

The usual odds and ends

Of course the little things are all still there, too. Top prospect lists, refined player ratings, option years, coaching staffs, stadiums, accurate service time and up to date major league and minor league roster moves, up to the games release, will all be included with OOTP13. And they're all available with a click of the "New Major League Game" button.

We've spent a lot of time this year on the rosters and our dedicated team has put in the work to make sure that the out of the box rosters in OOTP13 give you a level of realism never experienced with any baseball game before. We think you'll enjoy the result!

Out of the Park Baseball 13 - The Grand Slam of Baseball Sims!
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The OOTP Developments Team

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