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OOTP Dynasty Reports Tell us about the OOTP dynasties you have built!

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Baseball Adopts Promotion/Relegation and Pyramid Structure in 1914

This is my first attempt at a dynasty report and also my most ambitious OOTP universe. In this universe, I am the commissioner and behind the scenes director, to a limited extent. I will not manage or GM any team. To start, I thought I would explain my universe before documenting what has occurred thus far.

As you can see in the attached image, this is essentially an adaptation of the English Football League Pyramid. In my imagination, this structure was adopted by the National and American Leagues in response to two threats; the growing unionization sentiment from players and the new Federal League. In reading about the history of this time in baseball, it feels to me that if the players exercised their leverage more judiciously they could have won greater concessions from the owners. Similarly, the Federal League was a threat to the hegemony of the NL and AL and could have hurt them financially by continuing to compete separately.

So, in this fictional universe, the leaders of the NL and AL have proactively co-opted the Federal League into their existing structure. Instead of having a three league major league, they decided to adopt the promotion relegation structure embraced by European sportsmen. This provides greater competitive balance by removing poorer teams to the lower divisions. In addition, this provides a structure for the lower leagues to continue to operate while also affiliating with the higher leagues to promote the development of baseball throughout the nation, not just in the big East Coast cities.

Some universal ground rules:

Historical players are introduced into the league through a draft, which all three major leagues participate in. Existing historical players were loaded for AL and NL clubs and are allowed the same freedom of movement as all other players.

As part of their concessions to the players, free agency has been instituted. Players are free after three years of major league service. However, I am trying to keep the financials tight to prevent runaway salaries.

All major leagues have a 25 man roster, with a 15 man reserve roster. Class A-C have a 22 man roster and the regional leagues have a 21 man roster.

All leagues can trade with all other leagues without restriction and players of any league can sign with any other league.

In addition, I have activated the posting system for selling players, but it has not been used yet through 2 years. I am trying to simulate player movement through sales instead of trades, but that has been difficult.

Next up, I will review the 1914 and 1915 seasons and highlight some interesting performances from each season.
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I forgot to add in the first post, feedback is really appreciated. Since this is my first dynasty thread, I may be posting things weird or skipping obvious details you want to see. Please let me know if I can do things better or if I am missing some game functionality that would improve this experience.

Thanks for reading!
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Here's a season summary for 1914. The highlights include:
- The Yankees, RELEGATED!!!
- The Athletics storm to the AL title, winning by eight games
- A great pennant race in the Federal League.

For the playoffs, I have tried to create an association of the three major leagues, with the winner of the AL and the FL taking on the winner and runner-up of the NL. For the first year, I set this up as a round robin, but I don't think the game did it right. There's no good history option for associations either, as far as I can tell.

Anywhoozles, I did the round robin, and the Pirates and the Chicago Whales advanced to play a best of 9 World Series. The Whales beat the Pirates 5 to 2, and in the first year, the Federal League wore the crown.

Attached are screenshots from the major leagues end of season standings. I will have a separate post on club movements following 1914 and impressive performances from the season at all levels.
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1914 Club Movement

The Philadelphia Athletics joined the National League, after winning the American League.

The Brooklyn Robins were relegated from the National to the American, where they were joined by the Champions of the Federal League, and the Champions of the United Baseball Leagues, the Chicago Whales.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees had a dismal season of 51-93 and were sent packing to the Federal League, where they will be joined by the first truly southern Major League team, the Atlanta Crackers, who won the Class A Playoffs and earned promotion to the big leagues.

In Class A, the PCL welcomed the Great Falls Electrics (won the Northwestern League,) the American Association the Terra Haute Highlanders (Central League) and the St. Louis Terriers from the Federal League. The Western League added the newly promoted Grand Forks Flickertails (Northern League) and the International League the St Marys Saints of Pennsylvania (Interstate League.) The South Atlantic League added the Pensacola Snappers, champions of the Cotton States League, while the Southern Association welcomed the Danville Tobacconists (Piedmont League) and the Louisville Colonels, sliding over from the American Association for balance.

Class B changes were many, the Kankakee Kays won the Northern Association and joined the Central League while the Northern League is strengthened by the recently relegated St Paul Saints (American Assoc) and the Lincoln Tigers (Western.) The Northwestern League welcomes the San Francisco Seals (PCL,) despite the travel inconveniences, as well as the Helena Senators (Union Association.) Montreal (International League) and York (Tri State League) will join the Interstate League, Rome (Appalachian) and Chattanooga (Southern) will join the Piedmont League and the Cotton States League adds the Paris Texas Boosters (South Central League,) the Lake Charles Creoles (Dixie League) and the relegated Macon Peaches. The Erie Sailors (Interstate) join the Central League, the Richmond Colts (Piedmont) move to the Interstate, and the Huntsville Mountaineers (Cotton States) join the Piedmont, all to make the numbers even.

Class C has added some teams to make the numbers work. The Tri State League adds the promoted Biddeford Brickers (North Atlantic,) Champions of the NEBL as well as the relegated Warren Bingoes (Interstate.) The Appalachian League swells, welcoming the Champions of the SABA the Clifton Forge Railroaders (Virginia State) as well as the High Point Pointers (Piedmont.) In addition, the Paducah Chiefs and Clarksville Volunteers slide over from the Dixie League. The Dixie League adds the Natchez Indians (Louisiana/Mississippi) Union Springs Redbirds (Alabama) El Dorado Lions (Cotton States) Dublin Irish (Georgia State,) champions of the DSBL and the Oklahoma City Senators, of the PBAís North Texas/Oklahoma League.

The Class C Northern Association adds the Concordia Kansas Travelers (Kansas State) as well as the relegated Fargo-Moorhead team (Northern League) and the champions of the Midwest League Taylorville Christians (Illinois/Missouri) and the relegated Springfield Reapers (Central League.) The Champions of the PBA the Great Bend Millers (Kansas State League) join the South Central League and the champions of the WCL, the Edmonton Gray Birds (Western Canada League) join the Union Association, along with the relegated Northwestern League Spokane Indians.

In the DSBL, the Middlesboro Colonels (Appalachian League) join the KY/TN, the Alexandria White Sox (Dixie) join the LA/AR and the Orange Hoo Hoos (LA/AR) move to the LA/MS. The Dothan Browns (Alabama State League) move to the Georgia State League to make up the numbers.

In the ML, the Springfield Senators (IL/IA) move to the IL/MO and the relegated Muscatine team (Northern Association) joins the IL/IA.

In the NEBL, the Trois Rivieres Renards join the North Atlantic in place of the promoted Biddeford team.

In the PBA, the Cleburne Railroaders, relegated from the South Central League, join the North Texas Oklahoma League. In addition, the Concordia Kansas team was promoted with the Great Bend Kansas team, leaving the Kansas State League at 12 from 14.

In the SABA, the relegated Wilmington Chicks (Tri State) join the Virginia League.

In the WCL, the Salt Lake City Skyscrapers (Union Assoc) join the Vancouver Asahi in joining the Western Tri State League. This brings the Western Canada League down to 10 from 12.
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Nice universe go Clarksville hopefully they reach the majors at some point
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I had a request to post a quickstart. Here's a link, enjoy!

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1914 Impressive Performances

(I am trying to get better with including graphics in these. Sorry the first year is so text heavy. 1915 looks better, I promise!)

National League

- George Sisler led the league in batting at .357 as a rookie with Cincinnati

- Heinie Groh (CIN) and Dave Bancroft (SLN) both led the league as hitters with 6.4 WAR

- It was a light power year, the home run leader was Vic Saier with 15

- Jeff Tesreau (NYG) struck out 267 in 344.1 IP, good for 7 K/9
Pete Alexander (PHI-N) racked up 8.7 WAR and Dick Rudolph (BOS-N) was second with 7.4
- Jeff Pfeffer (BKN) was the CG leader with 28 in 37 starts

- On the other hand, Iron Davis had a rough year. He went 0-10 with 61 BB and 29 K in 81 IP

American League

- Dutch Leonard (BOS-A) missed some time but managed 17 CG in 21 starts. Meanwhile, Walter Johnson (WAS) had 27 CG in 39 starts, with a 25-12 record.
- Leonard also had a very strong 3.1 K/BB ratio, with 7.8 K/9 and a 196 ERA+
- Johnson was good for 10.5 WAR in 342 IP

- Ty Cobb (DET) put up an outlandish .479 OBP, plus a strong .494 SLG for an OPS of .973, .69 higher than any other hitter in the AL
However, Donie Bush (DET) played an immaculate SS with a +26.5 Zone Rating, while also being a very productive hitter, for a total of 10.9 WAR. Eddie Collins (PHI-A) was second with 10.5.

- Happy Felsch (WAS) hit a ridiculous 31 triples in 136 games, leading the league with an ISO of .162.

- The loveable loser of the American League is a tie between C Frank Crossin, who managed a slash of .140/.232/.207 but somehow managed to get 150 ABs. The other loser was relief pitcher Bernie Boland, who pitched 39 innings and allowed 31 ER and 33 BB. Only 1 HR though!

Federal League

- Sammy Hamblin (PIT Rebels) stole an immense 125 bases, was caught another 59 times. Jot Walters stole 95 for the champion Whales.
Jim Burrows was the best hitter in the league and played shortstop for the Whales. His slash was .325/.398/.516, OPS+ of 179, WAR of 9.8. The Senators will have Hamblin and Burrows up the middle in 1915, which will be quite formidable.

- John Byers (Whales) also had a great season, with 9.1 WAR and 71 SB;s, only being caught 30 times.

- Those offensive numbers above are even more impressive when you consider how dominant the pitching in the Federal League was. TEN pitchers had more than 8 WAR, including two over 10, Jake Tyree with 12.7 and Billy Van Valkenburg with 10.4.
- Tyree and Walter Olson both had ERAís below 2, Tyree was 1.43 and Olson 1.56, Tyree pitching 360 innings, Olson 369.2. George McDonald and Andy Robertson were also both below 2 ERA, but in fewer IP.
Ed Williamson and Levi Taylor both gave up ZERO HRís in over 300 IP. No pitchers in the Old Leagues managed that feat.

- The FLís underachiever was a weird one. Henry Hopkins had an amazing season for IND, hitting .311/.421/.460 with 31 triples and producing 6.5 WAR. However, he managed to be thrown out trying to steal 42 times, and he was only successful 22 times. Somehow, he has a speed rating of 80 but a stealing rating of 25. Honorable mention to George Beckley, who paired a WHIP of 1.60 with 21 home runs for an ERA of 4.57 and a record of 11-27. Unfortunately for him, his manager believed in him and ran him out there for 275.2 IP.

Class A

- One to watch for next year will be Billy Garrett (Rochester.) Due to a hamstring injury, he only made 20 starts, but he produced an ERA of 1.33 and an ERA+ of 214.
- Class A also had a 30 game winner, Orrin McManus (Sacramento.) Most notably, he only allowed 48 walks in 354 IP
- Bill Young (Buffalo Bisons) was the best hitter, with an OPS of .948 and 9.9 WAR. He also stole 139 bases and hit 35 triples.

Class B

- Joe Ament (Ft William/Pt Arthur) is an interesting one. He only managed an OPS of .590 but he produced 4.6 WAR, largely by stealing 93 bases and only being caught 31 times.
- Fred LaBrie (Springfield) was probably the best pitcher in Class B, but mostly because he kept taking the ball, pitching 372 IP, worth 10.5 WAR.

Class C

- In this league, the best pitcher is clear. Eddie Holt (Clinton, IL) produced 13 WAR by pitching 381 innings and striking out 242, with a beautiful 5.4 K/BB.
- The best hitter was Pat Pelham (Murray UT) who produced a WAR of 10.1, with an OPS+ of 181 with 133 stolen bases.

Deep South Baseball Leagues

- Tom Mann (Hopkinsville KY) had one of the best eyes in the game and produced an OBP of .512, supported by 132 walks and a .353 batting average, total OPS .983.
- The Deep South Leagues had two aces above all others. Matthew Grosswiller (Greenville, SC) produced 290 Kís and a WHIP of .85 for an ERA of 1.26. Meanwhile, George Quince (Lafayette, LA) produced a WHIP of .80. While not as dominant a strikeout pitcher, Quince still got his and was a control artist as well.

Midwest Leagues

- John Derr (Madison, WI) went 7-28 but managed a WAR of 1.8.
- William Hill (Ludington, MI) stole 157 bases and won the MVP award for it.
- Tom Northcutt was one of the few five tool players in this era, hitting 9 home runs while also stealing 49 bases, and leading the league in OBP (.444) SLG (.529) and OPS (.973)

North East Baseball Leagues

- Andy Murray (Lewiston, ME) slugged .518, due mostly to his laughable 48 triples. By comparison, he only hit 5 HR and 17 doubles. Probably because he was already on his way to third every time.
-These leagues had three 30 game winners:
Pete Kenedy, 31-7 (Wayland, MA) 12.4 WAR
- Bumpus Willis, 31-9 (St Johnís, NB)
- Bill Galbreath, 30-7 (Binghamton, NY) No HRís in 345 IP
Meanwhile, poor John Bruce (Hartford, CT) went 7-31.

Plains Baseball Associations

- John Holt (Minneapolis, KS) produced an ERA+ of 282, with 92 walks and 283 strikeouts.

South Atlantic Baseball Associations

- Manuel Velasquez (Norfolk, VA) hit .433 with an OPS of 1.038, although he only accumulated 104 ABís, due to multiple injuries.
- Louis Ahearn (Norfolk, VA) went 30-14, while Art Page (New Bern, NC) worked 420.1 innings, making 47 starts and 23 appearances in relief.
- King Cole was traded from the Yankees to the Piedmont-Westernport Drybugs on July 27 and racked up 5.2 WAR in essentially two months, surrendering 89 hits in 127 IP.

West Coast Leagues

- Chris Russell (Los Angeles Maiers) was as dominant as any pitcher in any league, with an ERA+ of 216, 13.5 WAR and a 29-12 record.
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1915 League Standings

Here are the league standings for 1915.

In the United Baseball Leagues playoffs, after the Athletics dispensed with the Tip-Tops and the Red Sox fought past the Giants, the Athletics defeated the Red Sox in 6 games, 5-1, to claim their first World Series title.

The Federal League owners took a vote and agreed to accept two promotions from Class A, Providence and Minneapolis, due to their dominance of the league. In addition, Atlanta and Kansas City were definitively unready for the Federal League and will be better served by the competition of the Class A leagues.

Would anyone be interested in a full league report for any of the leagues? Or standings for the lower tier leagues?
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