Incredible new stadiums, new coaching system, tons of new strategies, and more!



Out of the Park Baseball 22 is here!

Franchise mode is transformed with incredible new 3D MLB ballparks, a brand new KBO license, a huge upgrade to the coaching system, loads of new player and team strategies, all new 2021 Opening Day rosters and rules, and more! Plus! The brand new Perfect Draft!

Available now!

We are thrilled to announce that Out of the Park Baseball 22 has been released today! 

You can see what it's all about right here with the official OOTP 22 trailer. Out of the Park Baseball 22 - the 22nd version of the award-winning sports strategy franchise - delivers an incredible experience that new and returning fans alike will love! With complete authenticity licensed by MLB and the MLBPA and a bounty of offline and online experiences found nowhere else, it is truly the Infinite Baseball Sandbox.

There is a reason that many MLB clubs now use OOTP Baseball for training, scouting, and analysis - its quality and authenticity are unmatched. OOTP 22 is the most ambitious game we have ever put together!

You can buy Out of the Park Baseball 22 directly from our website, or you can buy Out of the Park Baseball 22 from Steam

Plus! Everyone who buys OOTP 22 during launch week gets a bonus Gold Pack in Perfect Team mode!*

Here is some of what you get in OOTP 22:

Stunning new 3D ballparks for every MLB club transform Franchise mode!

You won't believe your eyes! We have added incredible new 3D versions of every MLB ballpark - implemented from the ground up in the largest development project OOTP Baseball has ever undergone. Franchise mode is simply transformed! Everything is new in every MLB stadium in glorious detail. 

Combined with major updates to ballplayer 3D animations, the leap forward in the in-game experience is simply astounding - and is like nothing you've ever seen before in our 22-year history. We have put the finishing touches on all the stadiums and they are ready for launch!

New Coaching system upgrades have a huge impact on Franchise mode! 

We have dramatically upgraded the coaching systems! For the first time ever, employ a first base and third base coach, have specialists teach players and prospects specific skills, hire coaches away from other teams, align your coaching staff to maximize their talents to apply to your players, and more. It's a fantastic new addition to running a team that you'll love - and wonder how you lived without!

All new team and player strategies, trade settings, and new trading AI!

Our community is always asking for more control of their teams and experiences - and we have delivered! Impressive new player and team strategy options are added, along with more choice in league trading settings and improved AI trading that leads to more realistic offers than ever. You have more control at your fingertips than you thought was ever possible!  

3D Ballpark Construction Kit 2.0

By popular demand, we have added dozens of new items and features to the beloved 3D Ballpark Construction Kit in version 2.0! Hundreds of thousands of stadiums were created by players around the world, and we've taken tons of that feedback and added it. New items, attributes, and features to the ballpark will keep you delighted for hours as you create your own perfected version of baseball heaven!

New 2021 rosters, rules, and events!

Accurate 2021 MLB and MiLB rosters, rules, and schedules. Baseball is changing more than ever, and OOTP 22 has everything covered - including the dramatic changes to the minor leagues. It's an entirely new minor league structure in 2021 with new team affiliations, leagues, and rules - and OOTP 22 has it all!

Dozens of international pro and independent baseball leagues around the globe are also included, with up-to-the-minute accuracy for teams, rosters player stats, and ratings. Plus...

For the first time ever - the KBO license AND more awesome new 3D KBO ballparks!

OOTP 22 features a brand new Korean Baseball Organization license! The KBO has become incredibly popular around the world, and OOTP 22 has all of the teams and players from around the league. Plus! KBO-specific rules, including Regional Draft Rounds, foreigner signing limits, and more. And! BREAKING NEWS - we have just added 10 brand new 3D KBO ballparks in for launch!  This the most authentic KBO experience on the planet.  

Perfect Team 22!

Perfect Team roars back this season with a raft of new features, options, and modes - including the all new Perfect Draft mode. Experience Perfect Team in an all new way, exploring the rich collection of incredible players and history that make Perfect Team mode the unique phenomenon it is.

Much More

Out of the Park Baseball 22 is the result of 22 years of making the best baseball strategy game possible! Every day each week we produce dozens of videos and podcasts, including the popular weekly show This Week In Perfect Team. With more than 10 live shows each week - all featuring Twitch Drops! - no one produces more content and rewards their viewers than OOTP. With multiple Franchise series and our flagship audio podcast OOTP Now, you are hearing from the developers and the community every day.

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The OOTP Developments Team

* - Users receive a free Gold Pack when creating a team in Perfect Team within 7 days after the official March 26 launch.

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