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FHM Producer
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RIP Stompin' Tom Connors

Apparently Stompin' Tom Connors, writer of The Hockey Song, passed away earlier tonight:

Stompin' Tom Connors dies at 77 - Canada - CBC News

A pretty good percentage of all the hours I've worked on FHM's database, especially the historical stuff, have been spent with a Stompin' Tom youtube playlist playing in the background. No better musical accompaniment for time spent thinking about old hockey players. He'll be missed.
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R.I.P. Stompin' Tom.
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Ditto ...
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Ah crap...

RIP Tom...thanks for everything!

Stompin' Tom Connors - The Hockey Song - YouTube
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russwg1970 (03-07-2013)
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There are not many Canadian legends so it hurts and is so sad to see one disappear.

And it is "the best game you can name"!
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Jabez54 (03-07-2013)
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Bobby scores!

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R.I.P. Tom.
Sad day for hockey fans but the Hockey Song will live on as long as hockey is being played.
Older is sometimes better.
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R.I.P. Tom
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Hall Of Famer
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Going to miss you Tom!
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One of the greatest concerts I ever saw was Tom live at the Charlottetown Civic Centre in June 2002...He was the ultimate entertainer. Saw him again in 2009 and he wasn't the same guy. You could tell his health was fading. He'll be missed by all Canadians.
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Bat Boy
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Sudbury Saturday Night - A Fighting Tribute to the Sudbury Wolves - YouTube

RIP Tom!
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I'm not Canadian, but my father's parents were. It's from Dad's side of the family that I inherited my love of hockey.

However, like a lot of Americans, I knew Stompin' Tom Connors only from The Hockey Song. A few years ago, someone asked me who recorded the song, and that inspired me to learn more about him.

I was surprised to learn he had such an illustrious and interesting career. I listened to a few more of his songs, and discovered I really liked them. I enjoyed getting in touch with a little more of my Canadian heritage.

RIP, Tom. Your fans on both sides of the border will miss you.
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Jabez54 (03-07-2013)


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