Franchise Hockey Manager 3 is the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy experience you can find, including:

New tactical system allows more control over player roles, and the ability to build sophisticated team systems that blend a variety of offensive, defensive, and special teams tactics.

Over 20 playable leagues around the world, from the NHL to the junior leagues.

Manage your favorite hockey team from the front office as general manager and/or behind the bench as head coach.

Detailed player modeling produces incredibly lifelike results for thousands of players on hundreds of teams.

Now officially licensed by the National Hockey League, including real logos and uniforms.

24 international tournaments allow you to take control of national teams, from powerhouses like Canada and Russia to emerging hockey nations like New Zealand and China.

NEW FEATURES IN Franchise Hockey Manager 3
Officially Licensed by the NHL®!

For the first time ever, the game is now officially licensed by the National Hockey League.The NHL® license allows the game to feature NHL® logos and uniforms for all 30 teams.


2016-17 Team Rosters

FHM 3 offers 22 playable leagues for the 2016-17 season, including the National Hockey League, minor leagues in North America, the Canadian major junior leagues, and leagues across multiple levels of European hockey. All included leagues feature real current rosters, based on countless hours of detailed research and work on player ratings.


New Career Mode: Path to glory

Path to glory is a streamlined and more approachable way to play the game, with improved game and information flow, including more news from your league and the rest of the game world. You generate your GM/coach, complete with special skills, and start your career with a lower-level team before working your way up the ranks. Or you can jump right into the pro scene with your favorite club and lead it to glory. Over the years, you gain experience and improve your skills until retirement beckons, hopefully with a few championships under your belt. You can carry on in your original game world with a new GM/coach or start fresh with a brand-new game.

Sandbox Mode

If you prefer more free-form gameplay, the previous game experience is still available.

International Play

FHM 3 features all the major international tournaments, including qualifying stages, and full international rankings, all the way down to the Group III level, offering the chance to lead non-traditional hockey nations like Australia, South Korea or China to glory.

New Role-Based Tactical System

The tactical system has been completely revamped, allowing you to choose from a variety of pre-set tactics to build your team’s system and then assign players specific roles that fit into that system. Every game is now a tactical struggle between coaches to win and hold the edge over the other team, while getting the most out of their players.

Rebuilt Injury System

Injuries are now generated directly from in-game events and correspond to specific activities fights – will break noses more than they will sprain ankles. Players are now rated for durability in different parts of their bodies, and serious injuries in one place can leave them more vulnerable to more injuries of the same type later in their career.

Updated Development Process

Player development has received some significant changes, introducing more variability and making player evaluation much more uncertain.

Updated Interface

The well-received FHM 2 interface has been refined even further to make playing the game easier than ever.

Steamworks Support

Adding mods like logo or jersey packs is now easier than ever.


Your in-game accomplishments can earn you 50 different achievements that work in both the Steam and non-Steam versions of the game. If you play through Steam, you get a Steam achievement that matches the in-game one.

Path to Glory

An all new mode – to get you in and having fun faster


Take the reins of your favorite NHL® franchise to capture the Stanley Cup® Championship


For the first time ever, officially licensed by the NHL®

  • Star ratings have been rescaled so there’s much more diversity within leagues
  • More logical penalty calling
  • A new game rating system that adds offensive and defensive game scores
  • Leagues now have a functioning central scouting organization that you can use to guide your own scouting and drafting
  • A more detailed coaching model
  • Improved AI throughout the game, for example trade AI, roster AI, in-game AI, contract AI and so on, resulting in a more challenging game play.
  • Facegen jersey mods can now be set up to update on a year-by-year basis, and .fg face mod files will be auto-loaded, removing the need for manual loading.
  • New alternate player jersey profile view
  • New custom backgrounds for NHL teams
  • Redesigned in-game view, including tracking of tactical advantages and momentum
  • New preseason features, including the possibility of reporting to camp out of shape and a compressed development phase during camp that can make significant changes to player abilities



PC minimum system requirements: XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.x,Win10, min. 1280×768 display (1280×768 display size requires fullscreen mode), 1GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, About 5 GB free HD space


Apple Mac minimum system requirements: Apple Mac minimum system requirements: Intel Processor, min. macOS 10.8, min. 1280×768 display (1280×768 display size requires fullscreen mode), 2 GB RAM, About 5 GB free HD space

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