Second OOTP 13 Update Released: Version 13.2!

iOOTP 2012 Update, Including Opening Day Rosters, Submitted to Apple

Out of the Park Baseball 13 and iOOTP Baseball 2012 have launched to rave reviews, but we're not taking a day off. We wanted to let you know that we released the first OOTP 13 patch today and submitted the first iOOTP update, including Opening Day rosters, to Apple. You'll find all the details below.

First, though, we wanted to let you know about some of those rave reviews.

Over on the OOTP 13 side, things got off to a rousing start when Curt Schilling tweeted: "WOW! Early first look at #ootp13 seems like they really upped the bar! New UI is outstanding so far!"

Since then, the stand-up-and-applaud reviews have poured in:

"OOTP 13: Perhaps The Best Sports Simulation Game Ever" - Brandon Williams at

"Numbers can tell a story just as well as words can. That's what a simulation of this quality and depth proves." - Adam Smith at Rock Paper Shotgun

"OOTP 13 is the best and most realistic simulation that I've ever played." - Michael Clair at Old Time Family Baseball

"If I had scored last year's game I would have given it a 10/10. With the improvements to the latest version, OOTP13 scores an 11/10." - Ruben Lipszyc at Red Sox Nation Alberta

Get your copy of OOTP 13 now, it is the best game of its kind, ever!

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OOTP 13 Update

Here's what you'll find in the version 13.2 (Build 6) patch we released today:

  • Fixed memory leak in the simulation screen that caused long-term simulations to slow down
  • Tweaked default number of protected players in historical league expansion drafts
  • On the day of a fantasy draft, player's morale no longer reacts to promotions/demotions
  • Added back manual All-Star voting to the league menu 30 days prior to the All-Star game
  • Fixed manual ballpark import function
  • Fixed problems with owners disappearing
  • Fixed some minor bugs

To find out whether you're using the latest version of OOTP 13, you can use the "Check for Updates" function in the main game menu. Download the update via the links on our site or on our forum.

iOOTP Baseball 2012 - 1.0.1 Update

The feedback to our latest baseball simulation game for iOS has been amazing too. For example, Kevin at App Smile had a big grin on his face when he wrote: "iOOTP Baseball 2012 is a 5-Dimple champ." And Torbjorn at TouchGen remarked: "Highly recommended to the baseball and management fan."

Meanwhile, Apple is reviewing our free 1.0.1 update to iOOTP Baseball 2012. As soon as it's available in the App Store, you'll be able to update the game. (iTunes will alert you to the update, which you can also download directly on your iOS device.)

Here's what you'll find:

  • 2012 Opening Day rosters
  • 10 more players added to each team
  • Houston moves to the AL West prior to the 2013 season
  • DH and Financial setting during game creation fixed
  • Screen Auto-Lock fixed
  • Suspension for DH in game fixed
  • Small cosmetic fixes

We hope you enjoy the games!

The OOTP Developments Team

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