Franchise Hockey Manager 3 (FHM 3) is the deepest, most immersive, and most customizable hockey management game in the world. If you’ve ever thought you could do a better job than your favorite team’s head coach or general manager, this is the game for you. You can choose to play in one of 22 leagues and select a team to guide to glory. The game features thousands of realistically rated real players. Your job will be to sign free agents, trade players, draft the next crop of superstars, set your tactics and your lines in order to guide your team to a championship.

There are a number of ways to play Franchise Hockey Manager 3
A Historical NHL Season

Travel as far back as 1931 and take control of your favorite NHL or WHA team. Can you replicate its success? Can you right the wrongs of previous GMs? Chart a new course as you play your way through history, or re-live some of the careers of your favourite all-time players and teams.

Custom League

Our all new in-game custom league creation wizard guides you through the process of creating your very own league based on 34 different pre-defined templates. Whether you want a league that’s smaller or larger, or want to edit a few basic rules, it’s all available to you. You can also easily add a junior league and farm league to your customized world with a few easy clicks.

2016-2017 Season

Launch a 2016-17 season campaign in one of 22 playable leagues (many more non-playable leagues are included in game) and take control of your favorite team from around the world. All players have been rated by our researchers for a realistic experience whether you are managing in the professionals or all the way down in major junior.

Here are the playable leagues that are a part of FHM 3

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League
Ontario Hockey League
Western Hockey League

Tipsport Extraliga

Elite Ice Hockey League
English Premier Ice Hockey League


Ligue Magnus

German League

Asia League Ice Hockey


Kontinental Hockey League
Vysshaya Hokkeinaya Liga

Swedish Hockey League

Swiss Nationaliiga A

National Hockey League
American Hockey League
East Coast Hockey League
Federal Hockey League


Franchise Hockey Manager 3 features a completely overhauled and reworked game engine that has been built from the ground up.

The development team analyzed game data from many different levels of play to build an accurate statistical model of all the small events that come together to create a hockey game, from battles in the corners and faceoffs to breakaways and fights. Combined with the information in our player database, this data let us create a match engine that produces accurate statistical results at all levels of play, from junior hockey to the highest professional level.

Because the new engine measures everything so precisely, game situations and coaching decisions will have a much more apparent effect on play. If you’ve got a group of big, physical forwards, you can order them to dump the puck deep into their opponent’s zone and follow up with aggressive forechecking, relying on their strength to win the ensuing battles for the puck. Or, if your squad is built with speed in mind, skate the puck in and try to catch the defenders flatfooted.


FHM 3 features not only the usual hockey stats like goals, assists, +/-, shorthanded and power play goals, but also plenty of other numbers that let you dive deep into your roster. Examine shots blocked, fights won, giveaways and takeaways, time on ice in various situations, penalty specifics, and much more, including Corsi, Fenwick, and other advanced stats

There’s plenty of stats for both individual players and teams, and long-term record books so you can track the all-time greats for each franchise and for your league as a whole.

FHM 3 also features a new way for you to evaluate the performance of your players – the Game Rating (GR).

During a game, each positive or negative event will change the GR, so you always know how well a player performs on the ice. Since the calculation includes the role of the player and the situation on the ice, you can get a more complete picture of performance. Not all players are goal scorers and can get their names show on the score sheet. Game Rating allows you to now accurately track how everyone is contributing to your team’s success or failure – from your stay-at-home defensemen to your grinding 4th line forwards.


This is as close as you’ll get to sitting in a general manager’s office without drawing a paycheck from a team. In Franchise Hockey Manager 3 you can oversee team finances, keep an eye on the salary cap, check on your assistant coaches and scouts, watch the waiver wire, put together trade packages, make contract offers to free agents, and much more.

What’s your long-term plan for the team? Will your owner give you enough budget room to sign a few high-profile free agents? Would you rather trade away top talent and focus on the draft? Be careful, because you could get fired if you don’t live up to the owner’s expectations (if you have the guts to play with this feature on!).

If you want to edit basic rules and settings in your league, simply turn on commissioner mode and change player ratings, modify financial parameters and more.

If you don’t want to handle certain aspects of the game, you can always turn it over to your assistants too and focus simply on what you want.

If you like to focus more on the coaching sides of things, the all-new tactics system is for you.

The new tactics engine works primarily on two levels: zone assignment and tactical choices. These are made at the line level, as each one of a team’s lines gets a template associated with it that specifies their tactical settings.

These can of course be modified throughout the season, or tailored in specific ways to match up in the best way possible against specific opponents.


You can oversee your team’s games or let the AI handle them for you, based on the wide array of strategies and tactics you set.

The new match engine simulates every second of a game, always keeping track of which of the 24 zones on the ice the puck and all players are positioned. Every positioning, pass, shot and goal is based on real-life probabilities.

An on-ice display shows where the puck is at all times, while the play-by-play displays below, showing one line of text at a time as the game plays out. The display below the play-by-play shows the current players on ice for both teams, as well as their current levels of fatigue for both their current shift and the game as a whole.

In addition, markers go up on the ice to denote each shot. Is your team having trouble getting into the slot to get quality scoring chances? Is your penalty kill unit doing a good job keeping the shooters to the outside? You will be able to keep on top of all this and more.

The detailed play-by-play system – all new for FHM 3 – will also help grow immersion in the ongoing game.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement as you get the details of your team wheeling the puck around the zone down a goal late in the game, then finally scoring an equalizer with an extra attacker. On the flipside, you will feel the frustration when your normally reliable goaltender gives up a few goals in the first period and you have to decide whether or not to stick it out, or just concede that it’s not his day and make a switch.

If things aren’t going as planned, you can easily access your team tactics or lineup page to try to turn things around or modify your gameplan.

FHM 3 also features a wide variety of customization options for the in-game experience. You can adjust the play-by-play and clock speed, as well as choose from one of six unique game modes that are tailored to all different types of play.

Whether you like to watch every second of every game, or just see the highlights and get through games quickly – or something between – there’s a game mode for you.


When you start a new game, your league will come alive with news articles, messages from other GMs and players, announcements of upcoming milestones (a player’s 500th career goal, for example), and more. You’ll read about hat tricks, thrilling come-from-behind victories, key trades, devastating injuries, and other important happenings.

Players also have their own personalities, and their attitudes can affect their performance. A veteran may become disgruntled if his contract will expire soon and you haven’t offered him an extension. A young phenom will be thrilled with a generous contract offer. Your goalie could grow irritated if you bench him in favor of his backup.


A completely redesigned interface makes the game much easier to navigate and more streamlined – the information you need is right where you need it.

FHM’s easy-to-use interface will help you quickly begin running your team, starting with the Manager Home Screen, which alerts you to important tasks, upcoming games, news items, injury reports, and more.

New this year is the option to customize your home screen, so you can choose what information will be quickly displayed.

As well as a complete overhaul of the game’s engine, FHM 3 also features a number of other changes too:3
  • Star ratings have been rescaled so there’s much more diversity within leagues
  • More logical penalty calling
  • A new game rating system that adds offensive and defensive game scores
  • Leagues now have a functioning central scouting organization that you can use to guide your own scouting and drafting
    A more detailed coaching model
  • Improved AI throughout the game, for example trade AI, roster AI, in-game AI, contract AI and so on, resulting in a more challenging game play.
  • Facegen jersey mods can now be set up to update on a year-by-year basis, and .fg face mod files will be auto-loaded, removing the need for manual loading.
  • New alternate player jersey profile view
  • New custom backgrounds for NHL teams
  • Redesigned in-game view, including tracking of tactical advantages and momentum
  • New preseason features, including the possibility of reporting to camp out of shape and a compressed development phase during camp that can make significant changes to player abilities
  • And many more new tweaks and additions
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