Twenty years of dedication to sports strategy gaming excellence has led to this – the biggest, boldest, and most-anticipated release of the award-winning sports gaming franchise:
Out of the Park Baseball 20


Manage your favorite baseball team from the front office and in the dugout. All-new mo-capped 3D animations bring life to the diamond like never before!
2019 MLB Opening Day rosters including all the real minor leagues – fully licensed by MLB, the MLBPA and Minor League Baseball. Many international and independent leagues are featured with accurate rosters, too.
All historical major league (1871-2018) and minor league seasons, including Negro leagues, included for free!
Sign free agents, draft the next superstar, negotiate trades, discover and develop top prospects. Guide your franchise into the infinite future!
Play solo, participate in exciting online leagues, or compete against the world in Perfect Team mode for the ultimate challenge!
Build and customize your own fictional baseball world and choose from over 800 custom team logos.

Stunning Visuals

The game plays out in ways you’ve never seen before! Gorgeous 3D visuals in beautiful stadiums immerse you in the world of the MLB.


The entire history of baseball – from the late 1800’s through today – is at your fingertips. Manage any franchise from any point in history – or create your own fictional universe!


Baseball constantly evolves, and so does OOTP! Change with the times, or keep it ‘old school’. Draft, scout, trade, analyze, and sign the kinds of players YOU want

  • 2019 Opening Day Rosters for MLB, MILB, international leagues, and indie leagues
  • Live Services! Start a new MLB game any day during the regular season with up-to-date rosters, standings, stats and player ratings, or to update player ratings in your current game based on their current performances
  • Hundreds of new motion-capture-powered 3D animations make the in-game experience joyous to play – diving plays, shoestring catches, walk-off celebrations, and so much more
  • New modern strategy approaches, including ‘openers’ and ‘followers’, aggressive pennant race and Postseason pitching and hitting strategies, and smart decision before, during, and after the game
  • Improved AI for trades, contracts, roster building, and player evaluation
  • Optimized historical simulations
  • New tiebreaker calculations
  • Graphical spray charts
  • Improved HTML reporting and upgraded user interface
  • Dozens of new achievements in the popular Challenge Mode
  • Perfect Team Mode 2.0 – the online revolution continues!
  • Multi-tournament participation, powering vast expansion of league scenarios
  • Smarter player lineups with backup positioning designed to optimize your team over the 162-game grind
  • Hundreds of small tweaks longtime fans and newcomers alike will love
  • And much more!
Out of the Park Baseball 20 is the result of two decades of dedication to building the best strategic sports game in the world. Licensed by MLB and MLBPA, Out of the Park Baseball 20 is our biggest game ever. It has something for everyone – single player, multiplayer, with or against friends, global competitive events, and more.

With complete immersion in the world of running a baseball franchise from the majors to all levels of the minors, Out of the Park Baseball 20 rewards all its players in unique ways.

Pick any MLB or minor league team from the present or the past and manage, scout, draft, trade, and sign based on how YOU want to build a winning franchise. Are you old school or new school? Advanced analytics or traditional stats? However you want to play, it’s there for you.

OOTP 20 includes logos and uniforms for all minor league baseball teams as well as hundreds of historical MLB logos!


Royals Review

“[OOTP 20] is hands-down the best simulator of any kind I’ve ever played.”

The Good Phight

“[OOTP 20 is] a world-class sim.”

The Sporting News

“[OOTP] has long been recognized for its award-winning simulation engine.”

Bronx Bombers Beat

“Out of the Park Baseball is a necessity for baseball fans.”


OOTP 20 “hits it out of the park.”

Geeky Hobbies

Out of the Park Baseball 20 is the culmination of twenty great years of baseball simulation and is still the clear leader in the genre.”

App Trigger

“I love the depth of Out of the Park Baseball 20.”

That Video Game Blog

9.2/10: “OOTP 20 is an outstanding game.”

The Pesky Pole

“It’s a really cool game.”

Old School Gamer Magazine

“A simulation and stat lover’s dream come true.”

Let’s Go Tribe

“There isn’t a better baseball game series out there than Out of the Park Baseball.”

Bluebird Banter

“It’s a terrific game.”

Orioles Hangout

“[OOTP 20] is is a great tool to have fun with what if scenarios and even predictions.”

Chris Ormie

“A highly recommended game. Kudos to Out of the Park Developments – they’ve done it again.”

First Appearance Comics and Games

9/10: “Out of the Park Baseball 20 is a must own for fans of baseball.”


OOTP 20 has “a bottomless treasure chest of customization options.”

SportsNet Canada

“Out of the Park Baseball is one of the coolest simulation-based games around.”

Baseball America

“Fire up this 20th edition of OOTP for the first time and the depth of the game immediately shocks you.”


PC minimum system requirements: Vista/Win7/Win8.x/Win10, min. 1024×768 display, 1GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, at least 7 GB free HD space, OpenGL 2.0 or newer.


Apple Mac minimum system requirements: Intel Processor, min. macOS 10.8, min. 1024×768 display, 2 GB RAM, at least 7GB free HD space, OpenGL 2.0 or newer.


Linux minimum system requirements: 64-bit Linux OS, mid. 1024×768 display, 1GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, at least 7GB free HD space, OpenGL 2 or newer.

Challenge Mode and Perfect Team Mode are not available in the Linux version.

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