Reviews for Franchise Hockey Manager 3

Gaming Trend

85/100: "A top shelf title amongst the very best in the genre."

Sully on Tap

"I can't say enough great things [about this game]."

Erisea Magazine

"Solid game: 4/5"

OP Noobs

"FHM 3 is a feature-rich, immersive, expansive simulator."

Chris Ormie

"Great depth and complete tactical control ... A must-have for hockey fans worldwide."

Game Chronicles

FHM 3 has "enough depth to satisfy even the most stats-addicted hockey fan."

Operation Sports

"FHM 3 is the type of game you'll want to keep playing if you are a big fan of hockey."

The Hockey Writers

"Franchise Hockey Manager 3 is a solid game."

Blueshirt Banter

"This is an amazingly in depth game."

Total number of reviews for FHM 3 is 10

Reviews for Franchise Hockey Manager 2

Gaming Trend

"A wonderful entry for hockey into the world of sports simulation."

General Manager Games

The technical attribute and roles system is the best I've seen in a hockey game.

Chunks of Gaming

If you love your hockey sims, you'll love this.

The Indie Shelter (Italian)

So if you are passionate about hockey and maybe more specifically NHL ... this is definitely your game .

Jatkoaika (Finnish)

All in all, FHM2 does leave me with positive thoughts after the hours I've spent with it. (French)

The management is deep, efficient and extremely detailed. (Croatian)

Functional and beautiful interface.

Play! Zine

"The depth you would except from a great manager."

Operation Sports

A much improved experience and well worth any text-sim minded hockey fan's time.

The Digital Fix

When all's said and done, Franchise Hockey Manager 2 is a big step up from its predecessor.

Stat Man Sports

The simulation hockey gaming world is begging for a new game to come along and this might just vault its way to the top.

Sully On Tap

I think especially for anyone who is looking for a hockey sim and they want something that's deeper than what's traditionally on the market, I would say it's a no brainer. (German)

This new (interface) is clearly structured and tidier than in its predecessor

Brash Games

"An absolutely fantastic title."

The Editor's Corner

These adjectives - glorious, terrific, superb - are adjectives that clearly convey how much FHM2 has improved on Franchise Hockey Manager.

Geeky Hobbies

If you love hockey and sports management games like Out of the Park Baseball, I'm guessing you will love it as well.

The Hockey Writers

The first thing you notice when loading up Franchise Hockey Manager 2 is just how much cleaner the design is, and how much easier it is to navigate around.

Game Reactor Norge (Norweigan)

First and foremost, the game has been given a completely new game engine . This makes the results of his far more realistic than before.

Aidan's Fruitcake

You're a fool to miss out on this great game and the deep hockey universe it allows you to explore.

Total number of reviews for FHM 2 is 19