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Try Out of the Park Baseball 10, the award-winning
baseball management simulation game!
Ever thought you could manage a baseball team better than your local GM? Well, now you have a chance to prove it, with Out of the Park Baseball 10. It's a gaming experience far beyond fantasy baseball. According to GameShark, "Every single facet of building and running a complete baseball universe is included in OOTP 10...this is the single best baseball management sim available."
So what are you waiting for? Buy OOTP 10 now for $39.99!
(39.99 € for people living in the European Union)
Key Features
  • Solo or online play with unlimited seasons
  • Choose from three types of rosters:
    • 2009 Opening Day Major League Rosters (with all minors)
    • Any historical season between 1871 and 2008 included
    • Fictional Rosters
    • Or any combination you can imagine!
  • Define your own baseball world with customizable league structures and rules
  • Control GM functions, including:
    • Promotions / Demotions
    • Trading
    • Amateur drafts
    • Free agents / waiver wire
    • Contracts and extensions
    • Team personnel
    • Scouting
  • Control manager functions, including:
    • Lineups and depth charts
    • Pitching rotation / bullpen
    • Player and team strategy
  • Play out games using our pitch-by-pitch play-by-play engine
  • Incredibly realistic statistical results from our game engine
  • In-game news and a vast variety of detailed reports
  • Customizable player photos, team logos, jerseys, and ballcaps
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feature explanation
Gameshark - (A) "OOTP is the single best baseball management sim available."
Operation Sports - (9/10) "OOTP offers a completely fulfilling experience that provides something substantial for everyone." - "There's plenty of fun in seeing what could have been, and OOTP lets you play with history to your heart's content."
Gamespot - (8/10) "'Comprehensive' doesn't even begin to describe the fantasy baseball world you can enter here."
AceGamez - (8/10) "Prepare to lose your life - in a good way - to this grand slam of a game."
OutOfEight - (8/8) "This is still the best text-based sports simulation I have played, and I hate baseball, so that should tell you something..."
BaseballDailyDigest - "The depth of this game is incredible." - "The game is full of information and stats. So full, in fact, that you can tell the game was designed by a group of real baseball geeks and anyone who knows anything about baseball will recognize that as a compliment, not a slam."
Download OOTP 10
Only $39.99! (39.99 € for customers from the European Union)
1024x768 display
1GHz processor
256 MB RAM
PowerPC G4 1GHz
min. Mac OS 10.3.9

Mac Pro/MacBook:
Intel Core Duo 1.8Ghz
min. Mac OS 10.4.4
Any 32-bit and
most 64-bit Linux
1024x768 display
1GHz processor
256 MB RAM
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Standings Page - Check the full standings and get a quick glance at key statistical leaders at the same time Broadcast Game Page - One of three in-game screens you can choose from when managing individual games Game Setup Page- Customize your league with literally hundreds of different possible settings Player Profile Page- View all of the critical information about a single player Lineups Page - Set up your team's lineups and depth charts
More screenshots on the OOTP 10 web site.