Reviews for Out of the Park Baseball 16


OOTP 16's Metacritic score is 93/100 (as of 5/8/15)

GM Games (9.9/10 - Amazing)

"New levels of unimaginable depth."'s Bombers Beat

OOTP 16 is "a ridiculously detailed simulation," says Bryan Hoch.

The Sporting News

OOTP 16's "fantastic simulation engine can be relied upon for realistic results but some surprises as well."

PC Gamer

91/100: "The deeper you delve, the more not only your team comes to life, but the world around it."

Gaming Trend

100/100: "Out of the Park Baseball 16 is the gold standard of sports simulator games."

Gaming Age

Grade A: "Where else can you take control of a franchise and shape it however you want it to look?"

Rock Paper Shotgun

"Out of the Park isn't the Football Manager of baseball sims, it's the Dwarf Fortress."

Operation Sports

9/10: "This version may be the most refined, deep, and streamlined yet."

Baseball Essential

OOTP 16 "is in a class of its own."

Baseball Prospectus

"OOTP 16 is the most realistic simulation game in the world."

Gaming Nexus

9.5/10: OOTP 16 "proves once again why it's the go-to series for baseball management simulators."


86/100: "The game is addictive. It's fantastic."

Roto Experts

"OOTP, without question, is the best sports sim I have ever played," writes Brandon Willilams.

60 Minutes With

"You could play this game for years and STILL be surprised at the events that unfold in front of you."

The Gaming Gang

9.1/10: "Out of the Park Baseball 16 remains the go-to sim for those who have a deep love of the sport."

Citizens of Nats Town

They simmed a league of the Nationals teams from 2005-2014 and concluded: "Is Out of the Park 16 really cool? Yes."

Hot Corner Harbor

OOTP 16 is "definitely the smartest entry in the series yet."


88/100: OOTP 16 is "great for baseball enthusiasts."

Wahoo's on First

"There is never a dull moment in OOTP 16."

Outside Pitch

OOTP 16 "has improved on an already stellar product."

Overtime Heroics

OOTP 16 "is the ideal baseball game."

Bluebird Banter

OOTP 16 "is a very, very addictive game."

Astros County

"If you let it, Out of the Park Baseball will take over your life. And you won't even care."

The Warning Sign

OOTP 16 "once again proves to be the best baseball simulator on the market."

The Pesky Pole

"Out of the Park Baseball wins again."

It's Pronounced Lajaway

8/10: "The depth and the features of OOTP 16 will keep you playing forever."

Hall of Very Good

OOTP 16 is "a much deeper management simulation [than other games]."

Pine Tar Press

"OOTP is a terrific game, a lot of fun, and if you like baseball, you'll like playing it."

Tradition Sports Online

10/10: "In short, OOTP 16 is terrific."

Out of Eight

OOTP 16 "is another solid entry in the series."

Talking Chop

"Once this game gets its hooks into you, they'll stay there forever."

How Many Altuves

"The best keeps getting better."


9.5/10: OOTP 16 "knocked it out of the stadium"


"This game is as real as it gets."


OOTP 16 is "the most in-depth, comprehensive professional baseball simulator available."

Snackbar Games

4/5: OOTP 16 "takes the already-insane amount of detail and depth for which the series is known and ratchets it up to the max."

Piece of the Plate

OOTP 16 "is as close as you can get to the real thing."

Crooked Scoreboard

5 rosin bags out of 5!

The Editors Corner

"This game is fantastic."

La Metropole Sports

"Forgive the pun, but OOTP 16 hits it, frankly, out of the park."

Off the Baggy

"Out of the Park Baseball 16 is once again a can't-miss experience for any diehard baseball fan."

Grapey (YouTube)

"The game truly allows you to make your league your own."

One Strike Away

OOTP 16 "provides an unreal level of customization that has to be seen to be believed."

Moonlight Swami (YouTube)

OOTP 16 "is the best General Manager sports video game, period."

View From The SkyBox

"OOTP lets you literally manage every aspect of the team you could dream of and THEN some."

House of Houston

"This [season sim] just scratches the surface of what you can do on this game."

Cardinals Farm

OOTP 16 is the "ultimate armchair general manager."

Baseball Continuum

9.7/10 score

Curtis Stelzer

"OOTP 16 = instant addiction!"

Facteur Geek

"What was already solid became almost flawless." (Review is in French.)


German language review

The Shelter Network

9.5/10 (Italian language review)


8/10 (review is in Dutch)


Romanian language review

Total number of reviews for OOTP 16 is 55

Reviews for Out of the Park Baseball 15

Metascore 89%

Fox News

OOTP 15 "is an incredibly detailed baseball simulation," says Adam Shaw at


IGN gives OOTP 15 an 8.5/10 score and says it "stands proud in its spirit and in its dedication to the national pastime."


"International baseball, OHBABY!" says Bradley Woodrum at FanGraphs, adding: "As always: The game keeps itself fresh, constantly. Loved ones go neglected." His 27-minute review of OOTP 15 goes into much detail and gives the game a 98/100 (A+) score.


GameSided gives OOTP 15 a 9.5/10 score and says "OOTP Developments truly knocks it out of the park."

Gaming Trend

Gaming Trend: "This latest release introduces some new functions and improves on others, dipping their gold standard game in a coating of pure gaming platinum."

Gaming Nexus

Gaming Nexus gives OOTP 15 a 9.5/10 rating and says: "Out of the Park 15 has once again not only raised the bar for baseball management simulators, but also set the standard for future installments."


"[OOTP 15 is] the most amazing and fascinating thing I've ever seen," writes Allen at Darkstation. He gives the game 4 out of 5 stars.

GM Games

"An improvement on (near) perfection," says GM Games, who gave OOTP 15 a 98 out of 100 score.

Gaming Age

"[OOTP 15 is] a very fun, highly addictive game," says Gaming Age, who score it an A-.

Operation Sports

"Out of the Park is a great series, and one that gets better every year," writes Operation Sports, who gave OOTP 15 an 8.5/10 score.

Baseball Prospectus

"The latest edition, OOTP 15, further advances what I fell in love with in the earlier editions," writes Mauricio Rubio at Baseball Prospectus.

Quarter to Three

"Out of the Park Baseball is once again the holodeck of baseball," says Quarter to Three, which gives 5 out of 5 stars to OOTP 15.

Gaming Illustrated

Gaming Illustrated gives OOTP 15 a 90/100 score and observes that it "is quickly becoming the best baseball game on the market."

Kill Screen Daily

"This is about as perfect a simulation of baseball management there could ever be," says Kill Screen Daily.


XGN gives OOTP 15 a 9/10 score. (Review is in Dutch.)

B For Bernie

B for Bernie says OOTP 15 is "one of the best ways to really experience the challenges and activities of managerial and team-building positions."

Side of Natitude

"I would recommend [OOTP 15] to any serious baseball fan," says Side of Natitude.


"OOTP 15 is a must-buy baseball simulation," writes SkeptiSys. gives OOTP 15 an 8.5/10 score (good for an Elite Award) and says it's "a baseball simulation that's so authentic it can be a little bit breathtaking."

Out of Eight

Out of Eight throughly explores OOTP 15 in a 48-minute video review and says that "like in previous versions, Out of the Park continues to be the go-to baseball simulation."

How Many Altuves?

"It is no exaggeration to say that OOTP 15 is everything you could want in a baseball simulation game. Go get it," says How Many Altuves?.

The Sports Medic

"Out of the Park Baseball 15 continues the tradition of what is without a doubt the best sports management franchise to tackle the game of baseball," says The Sports Medic.

La Metropole Sports

"If you enjoy baseball history, enjoy baseball, or just would want to run your own team, OOTP is the game for you," says La Metropole Sports.

From Forbes to Federal

"In my opinion, this game is a solid 9 out of 10," From Forbes to Federal says of OOTP 15. "It’s a great baseball sim that keeps getting better."

Orioles Hangout

OOTP 15 “strongly confirms its place as the best baseball management simulation on the market,” says Orioles Hangout.

Pinstripe Alley

"Once you start, you find yourself further and further into the rabbit hole," Pinstripe Alley says of OOTP 15.

The Good Phight

The Good Phight gives v15 a 75/80 score and says, "I think if Chase Utley had gone into video game programming instead of baseball, he'd have invented something like OOTP."

Miller Park Drunk

"[OOTP 15] is so deep, so detailed, so realistic and so awesome in every way that it is easy to get into a game and see hours, days and weeks pass by," says Miller Park Drunk.

Bugs & Cranks

"There are so many options, so many features, so many ways to play, that you can’t go wrong with this game," says Bugs & Cranks.

Off the Bench Baseball

"In OOTP, even the most minuscule aspect of the baseball universe is accounted for, in exactly the same way it would be in real life," says Off the Bench Baseball, who give OOTP 15 a 9.0/10 score.

Pinstripe Pundits

"OOTP is the best baseball simulator out there — hands down," says Pinstripe Pundits.

Spanish language site gives OOTP 15 a 9/10 score and says it is "still one of the best sports management games out there."

Beyond the Box Score

Beyond the Box Score says: "In total, [OOTP 15] is a micro manager's dream."

Hot Corner Harbor

Hot Corner Harbor decides to test out OOTP 15's historical leagues option since the game "has long been my favorite simulator ... for simulating past hypotheticals."

Value Over Replacement Grit

Value Over Replacement Grit puts OOTP 15 through its paces and declares: "If you want a true baseball management experience ... OOTP 15 is an addictive solution."

Virtual Sports Network

"If you’ve never tried [OOTP] before, you’ll wonder where it’s been all of your life," says Virtual Sports Network, who give OOTP 15 a 100/100 score.

Hall of Very Good

Hall of Very Good gives OOTP 15 an A-, citing its "unlimited potential" and noting, "this game seems to have thought of absolutely everything."

Diehard GameFAN

Diehard GameFAN takes a look at OOTP 15 and says it "is still, and always will be, a love letter to the national pastime of the United States of America."

River Ave. Blues

"OOTP 15 improves on the already spectacular franchise," says River Ave. Blues.

Rockies Zingers

"This game is perfect for fantasy hounds, armchair GMs, and baseball fans who think the offseason is going just a little too slowly," says Rockies Zingers.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Previous releases [of OOTP] have been among the most impressively simulated and highly regarded sports management games ever released, and the new season's release doesn't disappoint," says Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Most Valuable Zobrist

OOTP is a legitimate five-tool game, says Most Valuable Zobrist. "It's the Mike Trout of baseball simulation software. BUY IT."

Crooked Scoreboard

"[OOTP 15] literally puts the entire baseball world at your fingertips," writes Crooked Scoreboard.

Laser Lemming

Laser Lemming takes a look at OOTP 15 and says it's "a more in-depth baseball experience than you get in MLB The Show."

Sam Adams

Meanwhile, Sam Adams, a TV sports reporter in Spokane, WA, takes on the Mariners in OOTP 15 and writes: "If you're a baseball nut, buy it. If you're a stat freak, buy it. There are so many different ways to play this game ... Take it from a bleary-eyed fanatic who has played this game way too much already: be prepared to lose a lot of time to this game. But, hey, it sure beats watching the Mariners in real life!"

Jays Journal

OOTP 15 "is now one of the most comprehensive, sophisticated, sports management sim games out there," says Jays Journal

Cubs Insider

"Out of the Park Baseball 15 gets me the closest I will ever be to running a Major League Baseball team, and that experience is worth every penny," writes Justin Jabs at Cubs Insider.

From the Rafters

"If you're a stat junkie, or just a baseball fan in general, I highly recommend [OOTP 15]," writes James Malone at From the Rafters. He gives the game a 9.2/10 score.

"The customizations and all of the different ways that you can play the game are what make [OOTP 15] (and the series as a whole) really special," says

Bluebird Banter

"[OOTP 15 is] the most addictive game I've ever played," says Bluebird Banter.

Seattle Mariners Musings

Seattle Mariners Musings ponders a possible version of the team's 2014 season thanks to OOTP 15.

Cubs Den

OOTP 15 "is hands down the best baseball simulation series for the computer that I've ever played," says Cubs Den.

Astros County

Astros County publishes an amusing real-time review of OOTP 15 and concludes: "If you let it, Out of the Park Baseball will take over your life. And you won't even care."


OOTP 15 "adds some fun features while still keeping OOTP the award-winning program it has been," says TribeCards.

Pro Sports Extra

OOTP 15 "continues its legacy of being the most accurate Major League Baseball simulation game," writes Patrick Green at Pro Sports Extra.

"[OOTP 15 is] the best video game you will ever play. Seriously, it's that good," writes Adam Czech at


"Out of the Park Developments continues to deliver the most immerse baseball simulation experience to date; nothing even comes close," says Kain27, who gave it a 9.2/10 score.

Disciples of Uecker

"The beauty of OOTP is that nobody can tell you how to play. For $40, you decide what kind of game you're getting," Disciples of Uecker says in their review of OOTP 15.

The Gaming Gang

"OOTP 15 knocks it out of the park as expected," says The Gaming Gang, who bestow a 9.5/10 score.

Facteur Geek

French site Facteur Geek gives OOTP 15 an 8.5/10 score.

The Shelter Network

Italian site The Shelter Network says of OOTP 15: "The best just got better."

Random Baseball Stuff

"I'd recommend [OOTP 15] to any aspiring armchair GMs," writes Paul Hadsall at Random Baseball Stuff.


"I am absolutely addicted to [OOTP 15]. It is awesome," says DunbarSnackbar (Jeff Sherrill) on YouTube.

The Warning Sign

"Out of the Park Baseball 15 proves that the OOTP series is still the reigning king of the genre," says The Warning Sign, which gives OOTP 15 a 9/10 score.

The Chiefly

"Overall, [OOTP 15] is a grand slam of a game," The Chiefly says. They give it a 10/10 score.

Pine Tar Press

"[OOTP 15] is tremendous, and tremendously fun, and if I can't be a general manager in real life, this is a fine alternative," says Pine Tar Press.

Last Word on Sports

"OOTP Baseball 15 is by far the deepest baseball sim game I have ever seen," says Last Word on Sports.

Mill City Sports

"OOTP once again knocks it out of the park with OOTP 15," says Mill City Sports. gives OOTP 15 a 9/10 score and says it is "undeniably the best yet."

The Baseball Continuum

"OOTP 15, like OOTP 14... is awesome," says The Baseball Continuum.

Purple Row

"OOTP 15 is another worthy addition to an already great gaming franchise," says Purple Row.

Game Revolution

Game Revolution gives OOTP 15 a 4/5 score and says "it's everything you could want if you're a deep fan of the sport."


"I would literally set up a stand on the corner of a busy New York City intersection and peddle digital licenses to the public - the game is that good," says StanGraphs.

Dynasty Sports Empire

Dynasty Sports Empire observes: "This game will have you saying 'I'll simulate just one more game,' and before you know it, it's 3 AM."

Motor City Bengals

OOTP 15 is a "game of staggering depth and infinite fun," says Motor City Bengals.


"You will fall in love with Out of the Park Baseball 15," says Serbian magazine Play!, who give it an 8.5/10 score.

Wining Wife

"I strongly recommend this game to anyone who is a baseball fan," writes Ronda Bowen at Wining Wife.

Erisea Magazine

"From the front office, to transactions, to the actual game of baseball, [OOTP 15] covers it all," says Erisea Magazine.


Romanian site Nivelul2 gives OOTP 15 a 9.5/10 score. (Review is not in English.)

Total number of reviews for OOTP 15 is 80