Reviews for Out of the Park Baseball 17


OOTP 17's 92/100 score makes it the top Metacritic PC game of 2016!

Gaming Trend

100/100: "A perfect sports simulation experience."

Gaming Nexus

9.5/10: "The go-to simulation series for someone wanting to manage a baseball team, historical or present day."

Gaming Age

Grade: A-: "The deepest sports management sim available."

Chris Ormie

"The depth and attention to detail is staggering. A great way to enjoy or learn the sport."

411 Mania

"Amazing: Out of the Park Baseball 17 offers a staggering number of options and literally infinite replay value."

60 Minutes With

OOTP 17 "will most definitely reward your time with an enthralling and entertaining experience."

Blue Jays From Away

"The most realistic and immersive management simulation game for baseball."

Today's Knuckleball

"OOTP 17 is as smart, in-depth and immersive a baseball simulation as I've ever played."

Arizona Snake Pit

"Once again the baseball sim hits it out the park."

House of Houston

"The guys at OOTP do a great job every year and if you are a baseball fan it really is a must-buy."

Tribe Cards

OOTP 17 "is fantastic!"

Geeky Hobbies

"I highly recommend trying this game since it is the best on the market."

Off the Bench Baseball

"If its rating were a Statcast Stat, OOTP would be whatever the highest Statcast stat there is."

Yankin' Off

"I could write a 10,000-word essay and still not cover all the details in this game. The OOTP team have hit a game-winning home run."

An 8-Bit Mind

91/100: "A must-buy for baseball fans."

Analizando Mac

Spanish language review

The Shelter Network

9/10 (review is in Italian)

Sporting News

4.5/5: "Baseball purists and aspiring general managers alike will find themselves in heaven."

Baseball Prospectus

"The best somehow keeps getting better."

Gaming Illustrated

OOTP 17 "requires a deep love of the game and stats, but it is a fantastic game."

Game Chronicles

"OOTP 17 is huge, containing nearly endless playing possibilities."


"A home run all the way around."

Unstoppable Gamer

OOTP 17 "excels at being one of the most in-depth sports games ever made."

Sports Betting Tips

"This is one of the most fun and addictive games of all time."

Baseball Continuum

"Quite possibly the greatest baseball simulator of all time."

The Spitter

"OOTP 17 is a gem that gamers and baseball fans alike should have in their collections."

Banished to the Pen

10/10: "The new OOTP 17 is as addictive as ever."

Off the Baggy

9/10: "OOTP 17 hits another home run with this season's offering."

Last Word on Sports

"The more you dive into OOTP 17, the more you realize that it's the best version yet and the possibilities are nearly endless."

How Many Altuves

"OOTP 17 truly does make their great franchise even better."


OOTP 17 "is absolutely the gold standard for baseball statistics and management games."


"I would highly recommend this game for any baseball fans out there that are looking for a rich and feature filled baseball manager game."


9.5/10: "Nothing comes close to what OOTP 17 has to offer."


8.5/10 (German language review)

PC Gamer

OOTP 17 is "still the best baseball management sim ever."


"OOTP focuses on what hardcore baseball fans care about."

Brash Games

9/10: "Highly recommend"

Operation Sports

"OOTP 17 returns as a beautiful baseball simulator whose immersion factor continues to increase."

GM Games

9.9/10: OOTP 17 "takes the crown for level of quality."

The Good Phight

"OOTP is the most realistic baseball game there is, outside of an actual baseball game."

Crooked Scoreboard

"This game is crack for baseball nerds."

KHQ-TV (Spokane, WA)

Sam Adams writes: "Simply put, there is no better game of its kind. Period."

Cheesehead TV

OOTP 17 is "the best sports simulation game you will ever play."

The Fantasy Report

OOTP 17 "is a blast, and I cannot recommend it enough."

StatMan Sports Online

"Get this game!"

The Final Pitch

"OOTP17 is yet another stellar addition to the best simulation series on the market."

Hot Corner Harbor

"It's the smartest, most powerful baseball game there is."


"The little things put [OOTP 17] above and beyond all other games in this genre."

Mets Chronicle

"This is a great game for any baseball fan who is not into button smashing."

Erase Mag

4/5: "[OOTP 17] stand[s] out as its own unique thing."

German language review

Total number of reviews for OOTP 17 is 52

Reviews for Out of the Park Baseball 16


OOTP 16's Metacritic score is 91/100 (as of 10/17/15)

The Sporting News

OOTP 16's "fantastic simulation engine can be relied upon for realistic results but some surprises as well."

Gaming Age

Grade A: "Where else can you take control of a franchise and shape it however you want it to look?"

Baseball Essential

OOTP 16 "is in a class of its own."


86/100: "The game is addictive. It's fantastic."

All Green Bay Packers

"A game shouldn't be this close to perfect, but OOTP 16 is."

Five Wide Sports

"I fell in love with Out Of The Park Baseball. It's fantastic," writes Kyle O'Connor, who gave OOTP 16 a 9/10 score.

"A true big bopper, and then some."

MLB Tips

"As baseball nears the season's end, I find OOTP 16 more appealing than ever," writes Vince Morales.

The Nerd Stash

4/5 stars: "Amazing"

EchoThruMe - Steam Army

"I promise, if you like baseball, you will actually thank me later. Literally. It is THAT good. Go get it. 5/5 and 'Take my money please.'"

The Gaming Gang

9.1/10: "Out of the Park Baseball 16 remains the go-to sim for those who have a deep love of the sport."

Tribe Cards

"OOTP is one of the best simulations I've used."

Apple at the Core

"OOTP is a fantastic game for baseball fans."

Wahoo's on First

"There is never a dull moment in OOTP 16."

Bluebird Banter

OOTP 16 "is a very, very addictive game."

The Pesky Pole

"Out of the Park Baseball wins again."

Pine Tar Press

"OOTP is a terrific game, a lot of fun, and if you like baseball, you'll like playing it."

Talking Chop

"Once this game gets its hooks into you, they'll stay there forever."


"This game is as real as it gets."

Snackbar Games

4/5: OOTP 16 "takes the already-insane amount of detail and depth for which the series is known and ratchets it up to the max."

Erisea Magazine

"Good game, we played Football Manager and Championship Manager for Years. This is now at that level of depth and we love it." 4/5 score

Off the Baggy

"Out of the Park Baseball 16 is once again a can't-miss experience for any diehard baseball fan."

One Strike Away

OOTP 16 "provides an unreal level of customization that has to be seen to be believed."

House of Houston

"This [season sim] just scratches the surface of what you can do on this game."

Curtis Stelzer

"OOTP 16 = instant addiction!"

The Shelter Network

9.5/10 (Italian language review)

Play! Zine

8/10 (foreign language review)

GM Games (9.9/10 - Amazing)

"New levels of unimaginable depth."

PC Gamer

91/100: "The deeper you delve, the more not only your team comes to life, but the world around it."

Rock Paper Shotgun

"Out of the Park isn't the Football Manager of baseball sims, it's the Dwarf Fortress."

Baseball Prospectus

"OOTP 16 is the most realistic simulation game in the world."

Roto Experts

"OOTP, without question, is the best sports sim I have ever played," writes Brandon Willilams.

Unstoppable Gamer

100/100 score

Seattle Mariners Musings

"OOTP 16 continues the upward trajectory of baseball's most robust simulation game ... It is nirvana."

Phillies Nation

"You will love this game," writes Ian Riccaboni.

Sports Betting Tips

"We have the greatest gift ever given to baseball nerds right at our fingertips and it's called OOTP 16."

Balls and Strikes

"For the money you spend on OOTP, you get far more than any other sports game."

The Fishbowl Effect

10/10 score, says Tyler Moore: "No baseball simulator can even come close to matching OOTP16."

Citizens of Nats Town

They simmed a league of the Nationals teams from 2005-2014 and concluded: "Is Out of the Park 16 really cool? Yes."

Off the Bench Baseball

"If you're already a baseball nerd and are looking to misplace a few hours, OOTP 16 is ideal."

Mondo Cool Cast

"Brilliant sports sim."

Outside Pitch

OOTP 16 "has improved on an already stellar product."

Astros County

"If you let it, Out of the Park Baseball will take over your life. And you won't even care."

It's Pronounced Lajaway

8/10: "The depth and the features of OOTP 16 will keep you playing forever."

Tradition Sports Online

10/10: "In short, OOTP 16 is terrific."

How Many Altuves

"The best keeps getting better."


OOTP 16 is "the most in-depth, comprehensive professional baseball simulator available."

Piece of the Plate

OOTP 16 "is as close as you can get to the real thing."

The Editors Corner

"This game is fantastic."

Grapey (YouTube)

"The game truly allows you to make your league your own."

Moonlight Swami (YouTube)

OOTP 16 "is the best General Manager sports video game, period."

Cardinals Farm

OOTP 16 is the "ultimate armchair general manager."

Facteur Geek

"What was already solid became almost flawless." (Review is in French.)


8/10 (review is in Dutch)


Romanian language review's Bombers Beat

OOTP 16 is "a ridiculously detailed simulation," says Bryan Hoch.

Gaming Trend

100/100: "Out of the Park Baseball 16 is the gold standard of sports simulator games."

Operation Sports

9/10: "This version may be the most refined, deep, and streamlined yet."

Gaming Nexus

9.5/10: OOTP 16 "proves once again why it's the go-to series for baseball management simulators."

Baseball Magazine

"I love Out of the Park Baseball 16. It's that simple," writes Billy Brost.

Sox vs. Stripes

OOTP 16 allows you "to indulge almost any baseball fantasy."

Puckett's Pond

"Out Of The Park Baseball 16 Looks Like A Home Run"

Motor City Bengals

"Out of the Park 16 was an enjoyable game to play."

PC Magazine

OOTP 16 "is an Editors' Choice award-winning PC sports game."

"This is a game that has that 'just one more day' effect that simulations thrive on."

60 Minutes With

"You could play this game for years and STILL be surprised at the events that unfold in front of you."

Hot Corner Harbor

OOTP 16 is "definitely the smartest entry in the series yet."

AZ Snake Pit

"In terms of depth of its management modes, The Show and other games of its ilk is a Fun With Dick and Jane book, while OOTP is a long Russian epic."


88/100: OOTP 16 is "great for baseball enthusiasts."

Overtime Heroics

OOTP 16 "is the ideal baseball game."

The Warning Sign

OOTP 16 "once again proves to be the best baseball simulator on the market."

Hall of Very Good

OOTP 16 is "a much deeper management simulation [than other games]."

Out of Eight

OOTP 16 "is another solid entry in the series."


9.5/10: OOTP 16 "knocked it out of the stadium"

Middle Relief Report

"...I will admit that for the first three nights after I purchased the game, I sat awake at my desk until at least 3 AM..."

Crooked Scoreboard

5 rosin bags out of 5!

La Metropole Sports

"Forgive the pun, but OOTP 16 hits it, frankly, out of the park."

Bleacher Boy

"OOTP Baseball 16 is the most detailed baseball experience," says Bleacher Boy, who gives it a 10/10 rating.

View From The SkyBox

"OOTP lets you literally manage every aspect of the team you could dream of and THEN some."

Baseball Continuum

9.7/10 score


German language review


"It is an exceptional game, as always!" 4.5/5 score (Review is in Spanish)

Total number of reviews for OOTP 16 is 83