League Data

Test League for Dog Days and PCBL only
Submitted to OOOLJul 17th, 2011
DescriptionThis is just a short term test league for us to test out OOOL before moving Dog Days and the PCBL over to OOTP12. Please only join if you are part of the test group
Open for GM requestsNo
League formatFictional
League rostersFictional
Sims per week7
Days per sim14
Export deadlinesErratic - as announced by email
Number of teams8
Teams with OOOL GM5
First team exportJul 21st, 2011
Latest team exportJul 25th, 2011
Number of team exports20
First league file uploadJul 17th, 2011
Latest league file uploadJul 27th, 2011
Number of league files29 (13 patches)
First league file game dateMar 2nd, 2013
Latest league file game dateMar 8th, 2014
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