League Data

MLIB - Major League Internet Baseball League
Submitted to OOOLOct 1st, 2011
DescriptionWelcome to the Home of MLIB. "In our amazing 24th season, 1st using OOTP12 and 20th using OOTP Engine" The League where you not only manage the team but you own the team and call all the shots.
Open for GM requestsNo
League formatFictional
League rostersMixed
Sims per week2
Days per sim7
Export deadlinesTu. Fr 10PM EST
Number of teams36
Teams with OOOL GM0
First team exportOct 2nd, 2011
Latest team exportOct 2nd, 2011
Number of team exports2
First league file upload
Latest league file uploadOct 2nd, 2011
Number of league files0 (0 patches)
First league file game date
Latest league file game date
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